Workplace Learning

Workplace Learning

Today's job market is more competitive than ever before. That's why you should get serious about distinguishing yourself from other applicants. How? By gaining valuable work experience. Workplace learning is a proven way for companies to ensure that employees have the skills they need now and for the future. This model benefits all stakeholders and supports growth and economic development through the success of our students and our business and industry partners.

Workplace Learning provides employers with skilled, well-trained students seeking work experience for college credit through the following programs:

  • Apprenticeships: long-term (12—48 month), paid, on-the-job training integrated with classroom education
  • Work-Based Learning: semester-based, for-college-credit courses in which current students work with an employer in a position directly related to their field of study; positions may be paid or unpaid
  • Internships: flexible, not-for-college-credit work experiences that allow students and recent graduates to gain exposure to their field; internship positions may be paid or unpaid and can range from a weekend experience to an entire year in length

Benefits for Students

Workplace Learning offers assistance in helping you find opportunities match your goals, enhance your resume, and help you gain experience. You'll get valuable, real-world experience directly related to your field of study — experience employers are likely to expect from job candidates in a tight job market. Other benefits to you include:

  • experience and skills that are in demand
  • higher pay
  • college credit and degree outcomes leading to career pathways
  • global, portable credentials
  • economic mobility with an increased standard of living

Benefits for Employers

  • highly skilled incumbent workers trained to industry and employer-recognized standards
  • Central Piedmont administrative and faculty support for employer-focused talent development
  • increased productivity
  • retention of talented workforce
  • recruit diverse workforce
  • college credit and degree outcomes
  • positive reputation for industry careers

Benefits for the Region

  • highly skilled workforce
  • more degree credit outcomes
  • sustainable economic growth
  • global competitiveness
  • increased standard of living and quality of life

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