Get Started in the Food Business

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Food Trucks 101: Starting a Mobile Food Business

Food trucks are the single fastest growing sector of the restaurant industry. Discover how to develop your business, build your brand and gain a loyal following. You will learn how to comply with regulatory requirements, to overcome common obstacles and to measure your success. Facilitated by Ricky Ortiz founder of Tacos Rick-Os.

Food Truck Marketing

Are you ready for your food truck to go viral? Learn the best ways to build your brand, attract media attention, increase sales and grow profits. Discover how to build a multifaceted strategy that harnesses the power of social media, local publications, your website, and word of mouth to drive sales and grow your food truck business.

How to Start a Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is hard, but fun work. Where do you start? This comprehensive course will take you step-by-step through the knowledge and processes that will make you a successful restaurateur. From creating a menu to the servers you hire, learn how to make the business enjoyable, appealing and profitable one plate at a time. Topics include the business plan, funding, choosing a site, lease negotiation, design and equipment, hiring and training.