Preparing students for college-level STEM courses.

Supported by generous funding from the National Science Foundation, STEM Prep is an academic enrichment program for under-represented minority (URM) high school 11th and 12th graders that are interested in pursuing bachelor’s degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) disciplines. This 8-week after-school program is held on Central Piedmont's Central Campus.

As a participant, you will enroll in non-credit courses that provide you with project-based experiences in mathematics and your choice of science, technology or engineering. Upon completion of STEM Prep (video), you will:

  • gain increased familiarity with current practices in STEM fields
  • illustrate preparedness for a successful transition into STEM studies at the college level
  • participate in a coordinated exploration of careers in your targeted STEM focus area

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  • STEM Prep Eligibility

    • Underrepresented minority as defined by the LSAMP program (African-Americans, Alaskan Natives, American Indians, Hispanic Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Native Pacific Islanders)
    • U.S. citizen
    • Interested in pursuing a STEM-based career pathway
    • If currently enrolled as a Central Piedmont student, must be in good academic standing as defined by Central Piedmont's Standards of Academic Progress (term GPA at or above 2.0)
  • Apply for the STEM Prep Program

    STEM Prep applications for summer 2021 will be available in May 2021.

  • STEM Prep Course Descriptions


    The STEM Prep – Science course will introduce biological concepts relevant to molecular biology. You will then use this knowledge, as well as the scientific method and critical thinking skills, to design an experiment where you will analyze a segment of your own DNA.


    The goal for STEM Prep - Students will be introduced to basic fundamentals of computer science and application development. Students will develop small applications using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Upon completion of this course, students will have an understanding of basic programming design, debugging, sequence, selection, and repetition.


    The goal of the STEM Prep – Engineering course is to teach students how to design, build, and analyze projects using 21st century engineering strategies and technologies. Project experiences will include the use of tools such as, but not limited to, 3-D printers and CAD software.


    Students in STEM Prep - Math will participate in collaborative projects that relate to real-life applications of math concepts. In addition to participating in hands-on activities, each student will be provided with a personalized math enrichment plan aimed at filling gaps in their mathematics foundation and positioning them for success in their future mathematics studies.