Study Abroad Next Steps and Forms

What you need to do after you're accepted into your study abroad program, while you're abroad, and when you get back.

After You Are Accepted into Your Program: Next Steps

Congratulations! You've been accepted into your study abroad program. Before you can pack your bags and go abroad, you are required to complete the following.

  • Start Making Program Payments

    Refer to the payment schedule that applies to you. Make all payments using the cashier payment form.

  • Enroll with the Third-Party Provider (If Applicable)

    For example, if your program will be run with a partner such as EF College Tours, Explorica, etc., you will need to also complete their enrollment process.

  • Submit a Copy of Your Passport, Research Your Destination's Entry Requirements

    You must have a valid passport to travel internationally. Whether or not you will need a visa in addition to a passport depends on the requirements of your destination country. You must submit a valid copy of your passport to the Global Learning office as soon as possible. You must have a passport to book your flight. Visit the U.S. Department of State's website and search for your destination country to learn more about the passport, visa, and other requirements to enter the country.

    Your passport should be valid at least six months after the date you will leave your destination country. Whether you are applying for a passport for the first time or renewing an old passport, make sure you start the application process as soon as possible — it can take a while to get an appointment, and then several weeks for you to receive your passport you apply. If you are applying for a passport for the first time, follow the detailed passport application steps on the U.S. Department of State website. You have to apply in person for a new passport. If you are renewing a passport, follow the detailed steps to renew a passport on the U.S. Department of State website. There are only a few facilities in the Charlotte area to submit passport documents.

    If you will need to apply for a visa, follow the instructions on your host country's embassy or consulate website for instructions. Start preparing to apply for your visa as soon as possible.

  • Submit your FERPA Form

    Submit the college’s FERPA form (PDF) to the Global Learning office within 30 days of your acceptance. The FERPA form allows us to share your information with the vendors that we use, such as airline companies, insurance providers, and in-country partners.

  • Submit the Agreement to Terms and Conditions

    Review and submit the Agreement to Terms and Conditions form (PDF) to the Global Learning office.

  • Submit the Scholarship Agreement (If Applicable)

    If you have received any study abroad scholarship awards from Central Piedmont, submit the Scholarship Agreement form (PDF) to the Global Learning office within three weeks of receiving your scholarship award.

  • Register for Your Program's Course

    You must register for the for-college-credit or continuing education course (as applicable) tied to the study abroad program the semester before you will travel.

    Register for your program's course.

  • Attend all Study Abroad Program Meetings

    This includes the Global Learning office's mandatory pre-departure meeting for all programs.

  • Prepare for Travel

    This includes registering your travel with the U.S. State Department and researching your destination country.

  • Submit the Agreement for Extended Travel Form (If Applicable)

    If you plan to extend your travel and not return to the U.S. at the same time as the group, you must submit the Agreement for Extended Travel form to the Global Learning office.

While Abroad

  • Attend all activities and courses.

  • Notify your faculty leader of any issues or concerns impacting your experience on the program.

  • Take plenty of photos and videos, but try to disconnect from social media. Immerse yourself in your host culture.

  • Adhere to Central Piedmont policies, including the Student Code of Conduct. Refer to the student handbook (coming soon) for further guidelines.

Upon Return from Abroad

  • Complete all course assignments.

  • Submit some photos and videos to the Global Learning office.

  • Complete the study abroad evaluation.