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Study Abroad with Central Piedmont

Study abroad gives students the opportunity to travel internationally while earning academic credit. Central Piedmont offers multiple short-term study abroad programs each year, led by a Central Piedmont faculty member during spring break or summer.

On a study abroad program, you will travel with Central Piedmont faculty for one to three weeks and earn typically three hours of academic or continuing education credit. Courses and destinations offered change each year; our students have traveled to over 20 countries around the world. 

Your first step is to learn which study abroad programs are available, and see which dates, prices, and course credits will fit with your schedule and academic need. If interested in learning more about global learning and study abroad at Central Piedmont, contact the Global Learning Office or complete our interest card.

Why Study Abroad?

International experience is one of the most important components of a 21st century education. By studying abroad, participants gain cultural sensitivity, foreign language skills, and a global perspective. This translates to competitiveness in the job market, as employers are increasingly looking for workers who have international skills and experience. Research shows that globally competent students have a diverse and knowledgeable worldview, comprehend the international dimensions of their major field of study, communicate effectively in another language and/or cross-culturally, exhibit cross-cultural sensitivity and adaptability, and continue global learning throughout life.

Study Abroad Destinations and Programs

Choosing the right study abroad program can be a difficult decision. You may want to ask yourself some questions: 1) Where do I want to go? 2) How long do I want to go for? 3) Which subject(s) do I want to study? For more information or advice, you can always contact the Global Learning Office.

2020 Study Abroad Programs

  • Past Study Abroad Destinations

    Past study abroad destinations include:

    • Ecuador
    • Germany
    • Guatemala
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Peru
    • Costa Rica
    • France
    • the UK
    • Greece
    • Tanzania
    • Vietnam
    • Cambodia
    • Thailand
  • External Study Abroad Programs and Fellowships

    Interested students can pursue external programs through independent study. Contact the Global Learning Office to learn how.

    • Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX): CBYX provides students and recent graduates the opportunity to live, study, and intern in Germany on a full-year, funded fellowship.  CBYX is sponsored by the US and German governments for applicants in all career fields between the ages of 18-24, and does not require any prior German language knowledge.  Applicants in business, vocational, technical, engineering, scientific, and agricultural fields are especially encouraged to apply.
    • U.S. State Department Exchanges: Use the U.S. State Department tool to find programs on cultural, research, teaching, business development, and musical and artistic exchanges.

Study Abroad Scholarships and Funding

Studying abroad is an investment in your future. It requires planning, creativity, perseverance, and commitment, but the rewards will last a lifetime! We have provided some study abroad funding tips and resources, but don’t forget to search the internet to see if other scholarships exist that are applicable to your background, focus of study, or destination country.

  • Top Tips to Help With Study Abroad Cost

    • Start early! By researching your options early, you are in the best position to find financial aid for studying abroad. You will discover that most scholarships require that you apply up to a year in advance of your departure date. It is never too early to start searching.
    • Carefully review the program costs. Make sure you understand what is included and what additional costs you might encounter in country.
    • Get creative. Think of ways that you can actively fundraise, seek assistance, or save to meet your goal.
    • Set priorities. Try to save each month and set it aside specifically for study abroad. Consider working longer hours or getting a part-time job for additional funds towards study abroad.  Postpone the purchase of that big ticket item you were considering and use funds for your study abroad program instead.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask. Family and friends may be very willing to contribute to your study abroad fund. For upcoming birthdays and holidays, think about asking for experiences instead of things.
  • Scholarships for Central Piedmont Programs

    To be eligible for scholarships, you must be a Central Piedmont student. However, faculty, staff and community members are welcome to participate on any study abroad program. Please note that while you may apply to all scholarships that you are eligible for, each student may only receive ONE Central Piedmont-sponsored study abroad scholarship. Scholarships you obtain from any other outside sources may be applied in coordination with our Central Piedmont scholarships.

    • France - The Boye French Immersion Scholarship provides a recipient with up to $800 for a Central Piedmont program to a French-speaking country. Applicants must be currently enrolled or have completed in a Central Piedmont French course. Boye French Immersion Scholarship applications (PDF) are due by December 15.
    • Global Learning Scholarship - The Global Learning Office provides scholarships for use on any Central Piedmont program. Apply as soon as possible. Global Learning Scholarship applications and recommendations (PDF) are due December 15; email your scholarship application statement of purpose (prompt at the end of the application) to the Global Learning office. Applications will be reviewed and top candidates will be contacted for interviews. The criteria for selection are as follows:
      • Central Piedmont student
      • ability to demonstrate in interview how this program will impact them personally and professionally
      • demonstrated financial need
  • Financial Aid and Veterans Benefits

    Alternative/private loans may be a possible funding source in covering the expenses associated with study abroad programs. For student who have served, some VA benefits might be applicable. Interested students should go to the Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs office for more information on alternative/private loans to use toward study abroad.

  • External Scholarships

    Central Piedmont's Global Learning Office will support your application to any of the following scholarships for which you are qualified:

    • The Gilman International Scholarship Program provides study abroad scholarships for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university to participate in study and intern abroad programs worldwide
    • Diversity Abroad Scholarships give access to exclusive study abroad scholarships and grants; minority, low income and first generation students are encouraged to apply
    • EF Beyond the Classroom Scholarships are available to students enrolled on an EF College Study Tour Program at Central Piedmont
    • Search the comprehensive Study Abroad Scholarships listing to see if any scholarships are applicable to you

Pre-Departure Information, Student Policies, and Forms

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