Academic Learning Centers

The Ruth G. Shaw Academic Learning Center (ALC) is here to serve the academic needs of the students of Central Piedmont. The Academic Learning Center is composed of caring, dedicated, and qualified staff members who each have an interest in supporting student academic success at Central Piedmont through student-focused interventions in order to build academic confidence and success. If you are enrolled in a curriculum course and need individual assistance in addition to what you are receiving in the classroom, we are ready to help.

The academic learning center (video) is committed to helping students in three crucial areas:

  1. overcoming difficulties with academic coursework
  2. promotion of independent learning
  3. proactive endowment of students with skills necessary to promote academic and life-long learning success

We offer support in the following areas:

  • Math

    • Developmental Math
    • Math 110 - 285
    • accounting
    • math tutors can also help you with the Ti-83/84 graphing calculator, which is recommended for most college level math classes. Ti-83/84 workshops are offered at the beginning of the semester for college algebra, pre-calculus, and statistics students, and later in the semester for Math 080 students
  • English (Writing/Reading)
    • grammar/punctuation/sentence structure
    • literature
    • reading review
    • proposals/outlines/speeches
    • research documentation
    • English tutors do not operate as a proofreading service — you should bring the writing assignment given by the instructor and all work you have done on the paper
  • Sciences
    • chemistry
    • physics
    • biology
    • anatomy
  • computer lab (Student Use)

All tutors in the academic learning center hold at least a bachelors degree in a relevant area. The tutors also complete specialized training in tutoring techniques and participate in continuing education activities.

We do not provide tutorial assistance to help prepare for Central Piedmont placement tests. Visit the Testing Center placement tests page for information on placement test prep. Once you have taken the placement test and are in a Central Piedmont class, you may use the services of the academic learning center.

All tutoring referrals are now retrieved electronically. An electronic referral will be sent to the class instructor immediately after the first visit and the instructor must approve the referral for the student to receive services.There is no charge for services from the academic learning center for students enrolled in a Central Piedmont curriculum (for-college credit) classes for which they are receiving help. You must be enrolled in a Central Piedmont curriculum classes to use the services of the academic learning center. Wingate students taking classes at Central Piedmont through the cooperative learning program can use the services in the academic learning center.

Student Responsibility

Tutoring is not a substitute for class — you are not allowed to attend a tutoring session instead of their class. We are here to supplement the instruction that you receive from your classroom instructor. For many math classes, if you have already missed a class you should see their instructor or a classmate about what you missed. There are online videos available for most courses throughout the Blackboard component of the course (My Math Lab, Math XL).

Plan Ahead

  • Do not wait until the night before or the day of to study for a test, quiz, or assignment.
  • Try to meet with a tutor at least a week prior to a test.
  • Bring relevant information to the tutoring session such as textbook, notes, study guides, and assignments.
  • Bring the written instructions from the instructor.

Know Your Assignment

  • Be very familiar with your course assignments by reviewing all of your work thoroughly before meeting with a tutor.
  • You should have some working knowledge of the subject matter before requesting assistance.
  • Be prepared to ask specific questions during your tutoring session.
  • You are encouraged to try to complete the assignment so that the tutors can review your work and help to make corrections in areas of concern.

Actively Participate

  • Play an active role in your tutoring session.
  • Ask relevant questions.
  • Make an attempt to complete the assignment and provide it to your tutor for the session.
  • Tutors are not substitutes for your instructors, but instead they will help clarify a skill or concept.

Make an Appointment

  • Appointments are not mandatory except at some campuses. However, we do encourage appointments, especially when you want to guarantee a specific date and time with a tutor.
  • You are allowed two tutoring sessions per week, per subject.
  • Walk-ins are accepted, but appointments will take preference over walk-ins.
  • Appointments will not be scheduled over the phone, you must come into the center to make an appointment.
  • Please contact the tutor or the academic learning center if you are not able to keep the appointment with the tutor.
  • Students that are considered habitual "No Shows" and "Cancellers" risk the chance of losing their appointment privileges without notice.
  • Tutoring sessions are generally limited to 45 — 60 minutes in length.
  • Once your tutoring session has ended, you may be asked to leave the area so that other students waiting feel free to enter for their tutoring session.

Cancellation Policy (Effective January 12, 2015)

All students are required to stop by or call to cancel their scheduled appointments. Please leave a message if no one answers.

  • All cancellations must be made at least 1 hour before a scheduled appointment, or you will be considered a no-show.
  • No-show students will not be allowed to make another appointment within 7 days from the no-show date or be accepted as a walk-in on the same day as the no- show appointment.
  • Students 10 minutes or more late for a scheduled appointment will forfeit their appointment time and it will be counted as a no-Show.
  • 3 no-shows without prior cancellation will result in loss of the privilege of making an appointment and these students will only be seen on a walk-in basis for the remainder of the semester.
  • 5 cancelled appointments will result in the loss of the privilege to make appointments for the remainder of the term and these students will only be considered on a walk-in basis only.
  • Cancelled appointments will also count toward the one appointment per day and two appointment per week limit.
  • Writing Center students will only be allowed 2 visits per paper to be used at the student's discretion (consulting with a tutor before a written paper is created does not count in the 2 visit per paper).

    Tutoring Locations and Hours

    All students seeking academic assistance at a tutoring location must bring a Central Piedmont ID with the current semester sticker on the back. Each time you come for an tutoring session, you are required to sign in at the computerized Labtrack kiosk at the beginning of you session and sign out on at the kiosk upon completion. You should have completed or attempted to complete your assignment before coming to tutoring. The facilitator or tutor will base the session on the topics in which you are currently having problems. You should bring your course syllabus, books, and notebooks related to the subject you are receiving tutoring. All students should come prepared with writing utensils and paper. Math students should also bring their calculator with them.