About the Website


The new CPCC.EDU went live on April 30, 2019. The information on this page is for faculty and staff to help you get familiar with the new website, find the information and tools you need and get assistance maintaining your content.

The new cpcc.edu is modernized to tell the story and purpose of Central Piedmont as a smart choice for accessible, affordable, real-world education in a clear, bold, and far-reaching way.

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Website Resources and Information

  • Website Editing Access for Departments

    With the redesign of the Central Piedmont website, we are putting new processes in place for how content is edited and published to ensure the site is audience-focused, user-friendly, and free of duplicated content for good search engine optimization.  

    Request Website Editing Access

    To request edit access, complete and submit the Website Editing Request Form.

    Faculty and staff can now request edit access to certain pages on cpcc.edu with a limited scope. For more information on editing scope and processes, visit the Website Editing page on inside.cpcc.edu (login required). 

    Website Training

    A new, comprehensive training program to replace ‘Web Ambassador’ training will be available (early 2020) to provide content editors with all the tools and information you need to manage your content. If you have edit needs that you aren't yet able to manage, please submit a Help Desk requests and the Digital Communications team will handle your update in a timely manner. 

  • Old Website Links - Why Many No Longer Work

    Old Website Links - Why Many No Longer Work

    The structure of the new website was built based on user needs with more intuitive navigation paths. Because the structure changed, many of the link names have changed and links that you had bookmarked for the old site are no longer the same or working.

    We set up numerous redirect links for the most highly used content on the website that will point you to content in its location on the new website. If you get a 404 page not found error, please try going to cpcc.edu and navigating through the site to find your content or use the search feature in the upper right-hand corner.

  • How to Find What You Need

    We hope you find the new CPCC.EDU intuitive to navigate. The site was designed with much input and testing from various audiences. Following are some frequently used areas of the website and how you can locate them in the newly redesigned CPCC.EDU. 

    Please note that the links for tools such as Blackboard and MyCollege remain the same; the scope of the redesign is only for CPCC.EDU

    Please contact helpdesk@cpcc.edu for assistance or call 704.330.5000. 


    New Site Navigation Paths

    Admissions Homepage > Admissions (top navigation)
    Blackboard Current Students > MyCollege (see icon at top of page)
      Faculty and Staff > MyCollege (see icon at top of page)
    Calendar Footer (every page)
    Campuses/Locations Footer (every page)
    Cashiering Admissions > Tuition, Fees and Payments
    College Catalog Academics > College Catalog
    Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) Academics > Corporate and Continuing Education
    Employment Footer (every page)
    Financial Aid Homepage > Financial Aid (top navigation)
    High School Programs Homepage > Programs
    Human Resources  
    Library Academics > Library
      Footer (every page)
    MyCollege Current Students > MyCollege
    Online Learning  
    Programs Academics > Program Finder
  • Content Strategy

    Our website audiences expect and deserve an outstanding user experience each time they visit our website. This means they are able to efficiently find and use accurate, audience-focused and up-to-date information. To make sure this happens, content editors will be expected to adhere to the content strategy when posting information on cpcc.edu. 

    Our Content Strategy Statement 

    To create and publish audience-focused content that tells our story and purpose as a smart choice for accessible, affordable, real-world education and inspires students to visit us and enroll for learning experiences that transform lives. 


  • Your Web Feedback and Suggestions


    We appreciate your feedback and suggestions on various areas of the new website. The site was structured,  designed and tested with input from all audiences. With any change of this scope, it will take a little while to get accustomed to navigating and using the new site.

    Any changes or enhancements made going forward will be done so with thorough and thoughtful input from audiences affected. We are documenting this type of feedback and prioritizing how it will be handled, with the areas of most feedback getting addressed first.

    Submit feedback and suggestions to helpdesk@cpcc.edu