7.07 Student Parking

A. Parking Regulations

These regulations are in effect with respect to the use of streets, roads, alleys, driveways, and parking lots of the College.

  1. Copies of Parking Guides and Regulations will be available to students at multiple locations at the College.
  2. Students shall park only within lined parking spaces in areas designated for student parking and shall not park in spaces designated for handicapped persons, visitors, employees, or in areas where parking is prohibited.
  3. Parking is specifically prohibited for all vehicles in fire lanes, yellow-marked areas, in loading zones, beside dumpsters, on sidewalks, and in unmarked spaces on streets, driveways, or adjacent to buildings.
  4. A permit must be displayed on any vehicle parked in a space reserved for parking by handicapped persons. These permits are issued only by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

B. Violations of Parking Regulations

  1. A Central Piedmont citation will be issued for a student's vehicle that:

    1. is parked in an area designated for employees or visitors
    2. is improperly parked
  2. Parking Citations must be paid within 10 days of issue date to avoid penalty.
  3. Any vehicle receiving more than 3 parking citations within a term may be towed or booted at the owner's expense.
  4. A City of Charlotte citation will be issued for any vehicle parked in a space reserved for handicapped unless the vehicle displays a handicapped permit. The fine for each violation is payable to the City of Charlotte.
  5. A vehicle that is improperly parked in a manner that impedes traffic or blocks emergency or commercial access will be towed or booted at the user's expense.
  6. A student who wishes to protest a Central Piedmont citation and/or towing charge shall file a written appeal within five work days of the infraction. The appeal must be addressed to: Director of Security, Central Piedmont Community College, P.0. Box 35009
    Charlotte, NC 28235. The decision of the Director will be final.
  7. A student who does not pay a fine will not be allowed to register for a subsequent term or to obtain official transcripts until the debt to the College is paid.