Prevention of Violence in The Workplace and Learning Environment Procedures

I. Policy Statement

Central Piedmont Community College prohibits any form of violence in the workplace that threatens the safety of employees and students and seeks to provide a sound learning environment for students. In keeping with the spirit and intent of this policy, and to ensure that Central Piedmont Community College's objectives in this regard are attained, it is the commitment of the College to take prompt remedial action against any employee who engages in threatening behavior or acts of violence.

The College uses management tools, including mediation, discipline, and dismissal policies, as well as the Employee Assistance Program, the Student Code of Conduct, and the Central Piedmont Care Team, to promote a workplace and learning environment that is free of violence and provides reasonable protection for employees and students.

II. Procedures

The following procedures govern the responses by employees and students to incidents of workplace violence:

  1. In the event of an incident of workplace violence, the employee or student is urged to immediately call College Security Services or 911 and move to an area of safety.
  2. As soon as possible, the employee or student is to report any incident of violence to College Security Services (CS) and/or the Central Piedmont Care Team (CT). In addition, campus Student Affairs (SA) directors, Office of the Dean for Student Life, Director of Counseling, and the Director for Institutional Equity are considered Care Team members. The Care Team is required to report any crime covered by the Cleary Act to College Security Services.
  3. In any cases of violence in the context of this policy, a preponderance of the evidence standard will apply.
  4. Student Affairs will assist with changing academic schedules following any reported incident, if it is determined to be necessary. Students may contact the Director of Student Affairs at the local campus or the Dean for Enrollment Management at the Central Campus.
  5. Students found in violation of Policy 4.13 will be subject to disciplinary sanctions detailed in the Student Code of Conduct.
  6. Employees found in violation of Policy 1.39 will be subject to actions consistent with employee disciplinary policies.

III. Prevention Program

Employees and students will be provided information and training regarding the potential for violence in the workplace. The purpose of such training is to:

  1. Increase the ability to recognize early warning signs of a potentially violent person or situation;
  2. Provide information on how to record and report incidents; and,
  3. Encourage employees and students to report suspicious incidents to Campus Security Services.

Additional program information and Cleary statistics are available online in the College’s Annual Security Report.

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