Student Organizations Guidelines and Procedures

I. General Guidelines

A. In order for a student organization to be College-sanctioned, use a Central Piedmont address, or apply for student organization funds, each organization must be officially recognized upon recommendation of the Student Government Association (SGA) and with the approval of the Associate Dean of Student Life.

B. Each organization must have a constitution on file with the Associate Dean of Student Life which states its purposes, its rules for operation, and other pertinent principles. Revisions made to this information must be submitted to the Associate Dean of Student Life. Annually, each organization must submit current operational information, including the names of its officers, College advisor, and external financial account information.

C. The policies and objectives of the campus organization must be consistent with those of the College and the Constitution of the SGA.

D. Each organization must maintain a membership of currently enrolled students.

E. The organization must select from among the full-time faculty or professional staff of the College an individual who agrees to be the organization's College advisor, with approval of the Associate Dean of Student Life.

F. The organization must schedule all major events through the Office of Student Life. Student Life will confer with Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations concerning the College calendar of events.

G. The organization must adhere to all College policies and procedures and the Student Code of Conduct (Code) when conducting activities. The failure of any officially sanctioned College organization to act in a manner that prevents their members from abiding by the Code, federal, State, or local laws, or Central Piedmont policies and procedures constitutes inappropriate behavior on the part of the organization. Applicable sanctions against the organization may result from inappropriate behavior.

H. Student organizations must be open for full membership and participation by any student, without regard to race, religion, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation or gender, except where overruled by law.

II. Procedures

The procedures for establishing a student organization and conducting organization activities are documented in Student Organization Guidelines that are available through Student Life and the Student Life website. Generally, the procedures include:

  1. Submitting an application for New Student Organization Recognition. Student Life staff will review and be in touch with the requesting entity regarding next steps.
  2. Reading the Student Organization Explore handbook for more detailed information regarding new student organizations.
  3. Securing a minimum of 10 charter members who are currently enrolled curriculum students at Central Piedmont and at least one full-time faculty or staff advisor. Advisors must complete an Advisor Agreement.
  4. Submitting the following student organization documents to Student Life:
    1. A constitution and by-laws for the proposed student organization;
    2. A New Student Organization Charter Roster with names, student ID numbers, and signatures of 10 charter members attached; and,
    3. A student club/organization advisor agreement.
  5. Once steps 1–3 have been completed and all documents have been submitted, the SGA will schedule time to present a new student organization proposal. The SGA will schedule those presentations on an as needed basis. Attendance is mandatory, and will be confirmed and scheduled with the SGA Public Information Officer. Student Life staff will arrange the date of presentation and review the application once received.
  6. After receiving approval from the SGA, the organization members are required to attend student organization and advisor training.

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