Crime Awareness and Campus Security Guidelines and Processes

I. Policy Statement

Central Piedmont Community College seeks to promote a teaching and learning environment that is safe for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors while on College premises. Contributing to the safety of the teaching and learning environment are rules for safety within facilities and across all campuses and locations under the control of the College. A complete list of Campus Security resources and services can be found on the College Security Services site.

It is important that all students, employees, and visitors are aware of both guidelines and processes that ensure everyone’s safety and security. As such, the following highlights some of the information that students in and on Central Piedmont’s properties should become familiar with.

II. Guidelines and Processes

A. Facilities

1. Access

Academic and administrative buildings are locked after normal working hours, weekends, and holidays. If a classroom on any campus is locked, the employee or student may call College Security Services. The individual requesting access must present their college employee or student ID prior to gaining entry.

2. Classroom or Facility Concern

If a student feels threatened in either a classroom or facility by another person; if there is a disruption or disturbance created by any student or individual; or, if a student or other person suddenly becomes ill, a call should be placed to College Security Services. If any such event occurs, employees must send a copy of the written incident report to their immediate supervisor.

3. Prohibitions

Students and visitors are prohibited from riding skateboards, longboards, bicycles, or similar recreational devices within the interior of any College facility.

B. Campuses

1. Access

Central Piedmont's grounds are open to students and visitors on a daily basis. Vehicular access to campus is controlled by uniformed security associates. Student parking is allowed in designated areas or by special permit.

2. Safety and Security

If a student has a safety or security issue on campus in the evening, contact College Security Services. Students should always be alert and aware of the people around them; educate themselves about crime prevention tactics; and be aware of locations and situations which would make them vulnerable to crime. On any campus, if a student feels uncomfortable walking to their car in the parking lot, especially at night, or if they feel they are being stalked, they should call College Security Services to request an escort.

3. Vandals

If a student sees someone vandalizing a campus building or property, the incident should be immediately reported to College Security Services. Vandalizing includes but is not limited to arson, theft, damage, destruction, or misuse of college property.

Within these measures, the College complies with crime awareness education and meets reporting requirements of the Jeanne Cleary Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. As such, an Annual Security Report is published and available for student inspection.

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