Employment Postings and Background Checks Procedures

I. Job Postings

  1. Ordinarily, a notice of vacancy for full-time positions will be prepared by the Human Resources Department and announced through general college communication and/or posting on the college website and those channels deemed by the President or Unit Vice President as necessary for the notification of the general public.
  2. With the approval of the Unit Vice President, a vacancy may be announced as internal only to prospective applicants who are present employees.
  3. On occasion, circumstances which include, but are not limited to, reorganization, reassignment, enrollment, and budget may alter the regular procedures for announcing and filling vacancies. Such instances must have approval of the unit Vice-President.

II. Background Checks


The refusal to consent to a background check as is required on the employment application will result in the applicant not being offered employment or if a conditional offer has been made, the offer will be withdrawn or the employee's employment will be terminated, as applicable.


If a person omits information or gives false information concerning his or her criminal history on his or her employment application, background check form, résumé, or any other required or submitted application-related document, that person may not be offered employment. If the person has been hired or offered employment conditioned on the results of a criminal history check, the person will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, or the offer of employment will be withdrawn, as applicable.


The results of criminal convictions will be considered in hiring, discipline, dismissal, and other personnel decisions. If an applicant's or employee's criminal history or the resulting additional background check indicates that the person poses a threat to the physical safety of students or personnel or that the person has demonstrated that he or she does not have sufficient integrity, honesty, ethics, or other traits to fulfill his or her duties as a college employee, then the person's offer of employment will be withdrawn or the person's employment will be terminated. All newly hired and rehired employees are employed conditionally pending the review of the criminal records check and any resulting additional background investigation.


The college will require an applicant to agree to credit checks for positions which are subject to bonding and have access to cash, checks, credit card transactions, or bank account information. When applying for such a position, the refusal to consent to a credit check will result in the applicant not being offered employment. If a conditional offer has been made, the offer will be withdrawn or the employee’s employment will be terminated, as applicable.

III. Employment Procedure


The immediate administrator for the position will originate a Request to Hire. The appropriate Human Resources analyst will use this form to create a requisition for the position within the college's applicant tracking system.


The Vice President of the unit in which a vacancy exists will authorize the position by approving the requisition through the applicant tracking system.

  1. If the vacancy is a position not previously defined in the Job Classification System, the Unit Vice President will provide a completed job analysis questionnaire to the Human Resources Operations team who will recommend a position title, employee category, and pay grade to the Unit Vice President.
  2. If the vacancy is a position previously defined in the Job Classification System, the Unit Vice President will provide to the Human Resources Talent Acquisition team the job description, amended as necessary for the specific requirements of the job.
  3. If the amended job descriptions for full-time faculty, professional support faculty, and administrators at the director-level and above result in a change in pay grade or classification, the changes must receive the approval of the Unit Vice President prior to the posting of the position.


External notification of the position vacancy will include the Employment Security Commission, North Carolina Community College System, and appropriate local, state, and/or national media. The Unit Vice President or President, as appropriate, will determine the extent to which a national search will be conducted.


The position shall be open for at least 10 days from the date announced through general college communication, or for some other length of time  if specified by the Unit Vice President or the President.


Immediately upon the closing of a position, the Human Resources Analyst will send the immediate administrator all official Central Piedmont Community College application forms and associated materials submitted for the position. The immediate supervisor will review the applications to establish those applicants who meet the minimum qualifications for the position as advertised.


The immediate administrator will screen the pool of qualified applicants and recommend to the Hiring Committee (or to the Selection Advisory Task Force) the most qualified applicants for further review and/or interview.

G. Selection Advisory Task Force Procedures

  1. Selection Advisory Task Force procedures will be followed for all full-time instructional and support faculty and positions at the director level and above.
  2. With the approval of the Unit Vice President or President, as appropriate, a Selection Advisory Task Force that includes a diverse representation will be appointed to review a select candidate pool and recommend the candidates to be interviewed.
  3. The immediate administrator or an appointed member of the Task Force may serve as the chair of the Task Force.
  4. The immediate administrator will schedule applicant interviews with the Task Force. For all full-time teaching faculty positions, applicants will be required to do a short teaching demonstration.


Commitments to or quotations of salary will not be made during interviews, and only those questions justified by standard job requirements and job qualifications will be asked.


A selection will be made from the applicants, or the Human Resources analyst will be notified so that additional recruitment efforts might be undertaken. If a selection is made and the hiring manager has Unit Vice President (or designee approval), the immediate administrator will establish a proposed salary and starting date for the recommended applicant with Human Resources. Salaries above the 25th percentile of the grade and/or those internal hires where the employee would receive a 10 percent or more increase in their base pay must submit a Salary Exception Form to Human Resources, including the approval of the Unit Vice President (or designee), for approval by the Chief Human Resources Officer (or designee). A Salary Exception form is not necessary if the offer is below the 25th percentile and/or less than a 10 percent increase for internal hires, but supervisors should review what potential impacts any offer would have on current employees in their department or those in similarly situated positions and contact Human Resources if guidance is needed.


The immediate administrator will recommend the applicant to be employed by submitting to the Human Resources analyst (via the applicant tracking system) a request to create an offer. The immediate administrator will also be required to submit to the Human Resources analyst a copy of the questions used during the interview(s), completed reference check forms for the candidate, and the Salary Exception Form when appropriate (refer to Section III. I).


The Human Resources analyst will attach all documentation to the applicant's record in the applicant tracking system and route the offer through the system for approval by the Unit Vice President, and any other required approvers designated by the administration.


Once the immediate administrator has received electronic notification from the applicant tracking system that the offer has been approved by the Unit Vice President and other administrators as designated by the President, he/she may then contact the applicant and extend an offer of employment. The immediate administrator will then contact the Human Resources analyst with acceptance information, including the date the offer was extended, the date the offer was accepted, and the official start date of the new employee.


The successful applicant will be informed in writing of his/her selection and of the entry salary by the immediate administrator via a Welcome Letter. A telephone notification may precede official written notice. If the applicant accepts the offer, he/she will meet with the appropriate Human Resources analyst. In this meeting, information about employee benefits will be provided, and the employee will be enrolled in the Central Piedmont benefits program.


The Human Resources analyst will complete all paperwork and place the applicant on the payroll on the date specified.


Applicants who apply for a position but are not selected will be notified via email by the Human Resources Department when the position is filled.

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