Employee Recognition Procedures

I. Guidelines

A. The Awards

1. Service Awards

Service pins (or comparable symbols of honor) shall be awarded to full-time employees upon completion of five years, and multiples thereof, of service to the College.

2. Recognition Awards

Each fall and spring semester there shall be three Recognition Awards (requires Central Piedmont login) to full-time employees and one Recognition Award to a part-time employee. These awards will include stipends of $1,000 per award. Each fall and spring semester the recipients of the Recognition Awards will be:

  1. One non-exempt employee
  2. One teaching faculty member
  3. One administrator or one professional employee
  4. One part-time employee

B. Nomination Process

1. Service Awards

Nominations for Service Awards will not be required.

2. Recognition Awards

Nominations for all other Recognition Plan awards may be made by anyone connected with:

  • The nominee and with Central Piedmont Community College. If there are no nominations in a category or no nominations submitted according to the guidelines, then the committee reserves the right to submit nominations.
  • Nominations for Recognition Awards will be made for specific categories based on the nominee's employment at Central Piedmont:
    • Part-time employee recognition award,
    • Non-exempt employee recognition award,
    • Administrator or professional employee recognition award, and
    • Instructor recognition award.
  1. Each candidate's nomination will be valid for consideration for Recognition Awards for two consecutive semesters. A submitted nomination may be updated the following semester to note subsequent accomplishments or to provide additional information.
  2. A nominee shall not receive more than one semester Recognition Award during the two semesters the nomination is in effect.
  3. A nominee shall not receive two consecutive Recognition Awards in the same category.
  4. Recipients of Recognition Awards shall be announced during staff forums held at announced times by the administration. Awards shall be presented at the time of announcement.

C. Criteria for Selection of Award Recipients

1. Service Awards

The criterion shall be the number of years of full-time employment at Central Piedmont. The first award shall be for five years' service; subsequent awards shall be received each five years thereafter.

2. Recognition Awards

Characteristics to be considered in the process of evaluating Recognition Awards nominees are those determined by the committee that are deemed appropriate for each category of award. These appropriate characteristics will be included on the application form for each category.

3. Innovation of the Year Award

The criteria for the Innovation of the Year Award shall be those designated by the League for Innovation.

4. Entrepreneur of the Year Award

The purpose of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award is to provide recognition for identifying and implementing entrepreneurial activities at the College. The award includes a one-time stipend of $1,000 to the winner. The criteria include the project's creativity in identifying a problem and providing a solution that brings value to the student or customer.

II. The Employee Recognition Committee

A standing Employee Recognition Committee shall administer the Recognition Program.

A. Membership

  1. The membership of the committee will be the Vice Chairperson of the Staff Council, the Vice President of the College Senate, and 15 members appointed at large by the President, two of whom will be previous winners of Recognition Awards.
  2. At-large members shall serve two-year terms.
  3. The President has designated that the Executive Assistant to the President will convene the committee and provide logistical support. That administrator will not be a voting member of the committee.

B. Duties

  1. The committee shall manage and supervise the general functions of the Recognition Program.
  2. The committee shall solicit and accept nominations, document the accomplishments of the nominees, and recommend the recipients of the Recognition Awards.
  3. The committee shall develop such procedures and forms as it deems necessary to expedite the selection process.

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