College Field Trips Procedures

Central Piedmont sponsors and encourages field trips to enrich the learning experiences for our students.

The College sponsors field trips to enrich the learning experiences of students. Such experiences should be provided as economically as possible to both students and the College, while maintaining fiscal accountability. Students may be charged fees to cover costs of field trips sponsored by the College, provided students are informed at the time of registration of any field trip fees required for participation in a course.

A member of the College faculty or staff, designated as the coordinator of the trip, must accompany the group making the trip. The Division of Finance and Facilities Operations should be consulted, along with College Security Services, when planning a field trip. The coordinator, and dean or manager, are responsible for facilitating the field trip for students.


Responsibilities for establishing and administering a field trip include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

A. Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. Secure permission from the agency in charge of the facilities to be visited.
  2. Estimate the costs of the field trip, develop a budget based on costs, estimate the number of participants, and determine the per student charge, rounded to the nearest dollar, in consultation with the Division of Finance and Facilities Operations.
  3. Secure permission from the associate dean and dean or manager, submit a Request for New Account Number form, together with an estimated revenue and expenditure budget.
  4. Complete arrangements for class and/or office coverage while on the field trip.
  5. Arrange with the dean/manager or designee for transportation, and for authorization for the students to be absent from classes, if necessary, in order to make the trip. Consult with College Security Services. A list of participating students should be left with the appropriate supervisor or their designee.
  6. Complete a Field Trip Request form (PDF), retaining one copy and forwarding a copy each to the appropriate supervisor or their designee, and to the director of risk management/business continuity. This should include a brief statement that contains the following information:
    1. Nature and location of the field trip;
    2. Objectives and projected learning outcomes; and,
    3. The date and hours that students will be off--campus.
  7. Orient students in advance concerning the objectives of the trip, hazards, or highlights.
  8. Submit invoices for costs to the Accounts Payable department.

B. Dean or Designee’s Responsibilities

  1. If needed, review, revise, and approve the Request For New Account Number form and submit the form to the Accounting and Reporting department.
  2. Ensure that students are informed of the approximate field trip charges at the time they enroll in the course through the publication of charges in the class schedule.
  3. Submit a summary report for each semester to the appropriate unit vice president that includes:
    1. Course name/number;
    2. Field trip name/account number;
    3. Budget/actual revenues and expenses; and,
    4. A brief learning outcomes statement.

C. Financial Services Responsibilities

  1. Accounting and Reporting: Establish an account for the field trip, if needed.
  2. Cashier's office: Receive student payments for field trip charges.
  3. Accounts Payable: Pay invoices submitted by the coordinator of the trip.