Space Renovations Procedures

I. Definitions

A. Major Renovations

Major Renovations defined as renovations that alter the use of ability to use certain space, and change the square footage of a space or cost $10,000 or greater.

B. Minor Renovations

Minor Renovations are defined as renovations that do not change the purpose of the space and do not change the square footage of the space or that will cost less than $10,000.

II. Overview

This procedure applies to any of the following projects that:

  1. Will alter the exterior or interior appearance of a facility;
  2. Involves architectural or engineering work;
  3. Requires a building permit;
  4. Penetrates a surface of a College facility or grounds;
  5. Requires a hard-wired electrical connection for the installation of equipment; or,
  6. Requires any mechanical and/or plumbing connections for the operation of the equipment.

It does not apply to equipment that operates on a plug-in electrical connection. It is advisable to initiate a work order if there is any question about the compatibility of the equipment with the existing electrical system.

III. Procedures

When a project is planned that meets the aforementioned guidelines, the requestor should discuss the need, nature, and potential return on investment of the project with their division’s Vice President (VP). If the Vice President approves, then the requestor should complete a Building Renovations Request Form. The form should include as much technical information as is available, and then sent to Facilities Services via email. The request will be assigned to a project manager (PM). The project manager will review the project with the requestor to determine the project’s scope and other related issues. Facilities Services will develop a project budget based on the identified scope. The project will be added to the Renovation Request Project List.

Facilities Services will forward the list to the Vice President of Finance and Facilities Operations annually, typically in the spring (or as needed), for discussion and final approval by Cabinet.

IV. Approvals and Compliance

A. All major renovations must be approved by Cabinet. Minor renovations must be approved by the Vice President of Information Technology Services or their designee, the Associate Vice President of Facilities and Construction or their designee, and the Division Vice President of the originating department. If the Vice President for Finance and Facilities Operations is not already an approver, they should be consulted to determine the availability of funds.

B. All renovations to Central Piedmont facilities must comply with applicable building codes, laws, statutes, and ordinances.