Assignment of Keys Guidelines and Procedures

I. Guidelines

A. The assignment of keys will be carefully controlled to protect and promote security for College personnel and students, and to protect the security interests of facilities and equipment of the College, while providing legitimate access requirements for employees.

B. With appropriate authorization, an employee will be assigned a key, or the minimum number of keys, at the lowest level of access needed to perform job responsibilities, and gain access to his/her office or work area. Keys to exterior doors and to classified or high security areas will be authorized only when the need is well documented.

C. All College-issued keys are property of Central Piedmont, and must not be duplicated, fabricated, or manufactured by employees. Keys are to be used by the individual to whom they are assigned, and cannot be shared or loaned to unauthorized personnel.

D. An employee may be charged the full cost of replacing both a lost or stolen key and any locks opened by that key. Lost or stolen keys should be reported to College Security Services immediately.

E. An employee who terminates employment at the College will not receive the final paycheck until their key account is cleared.

II. Procedures

A. Authorization Control

Office and work area keys will be issued upon authorization of the immediate administrator. The supervising group administrator or unit vice president shall authorize keys for exterior doors and for classified or high security areas.

B. Issuance Control

  1. The Facilities Services Division will control the issuance and return of keys authorized for a full-time employee. Human Resources will ensure that all full-time employees terminating service with the College will clear through Facilities Services the return of keys.
  2. The immediate administrator will control the issuance and return of interior door keys authorized for a part-time employee. All unassigned keys must be returned to Facilities Services.
  3. The Facilities Services Division will maintain a key account for each employee, listing the keys assigned to that employee and lost key charges.