1.12 Workloads for Faculty Policy

I. Full-Time Teaching Faculty

A. Each full-time teaching faculty member has responsibilities to serve students and the College by providing instruction, assisting students, and engaging in professional growth/service and college/community service and all other duties related to teaching and learning, academic excellence and student success.

B. Full-time faculty make a professional commitment to the College, students, and community. Faculty are expected to be on campus a minimum of 30 hours each week to meet their professional obligations in direct service to the College and its students.

C. Additional duties and information about the workload can be found in Workload Procedures.

II. Part-Time Teaching Faculty

A. A part-time staff employee must be assigned a work load of less than 1,560 total hours per fiscal year.

B. A part-time teaching employee may be assigned up to 50% of a full-time teaching load or a maximum of two classes, whichever is greater. Exceptions to the maximum load must be approved by the dean. Curriculum teaching assignments are based on load units that are calculated on a 1:1 basis. Other load unit calculations can be found at Workload Procedures. The combination of all load units and contact hours must be less than 1,560 hours per fiscal year. A part-time teaching employee is hired to teach specific classes and to be reasonably accessible to students.

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