3.05 Course Load Policy

I. Definition

For purposes of federal financial aid, a student registered for 12 credit hours or more taken during fall or spring term is considered full-time. A student taking 9 credit hours during fall or spring term is designated part-time. A student taking 6 credit hours is considered half-time.

II. Policy

Students must obtain overload approval from their program of study associate dean or dean to register for 22 to 28 credit hours during fall or spring terms, or for 16 to 20 hours during a summer term.

Students are not allowed to register for more than 28 hours during fall or spring terms, or 20 hours during summer term unless approved by the respective Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs. For purposes of State tuition charges, a maximum tuition charge is applied at 16 credit hours per semester, regardless of the number of hours taken in excess of 16 hours.


Changes approved by the Board of Trustees on May 6, 2020

Changes approved by Cabinet on September 20, 2021 (Approved by Academic Affairs Council (AAC) on September 14, 2021)

Modified on August 26, 2010