2.13 Use of College Telecommunications Policy

I. Purpose

This policy addresses the use of landline, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and cellular phones that are provided by Central Piedmont Community College.

II. Policy

The College provides access to landline and VoIP telephones and related services for College business use. Local lines may be used for limited personal use. Personal use must not result in additional cost to the College or hinder an employee’s ability to complete assigned responsibilities. Cellular telephones and service are provided for qualified full-time employees primarily for business purposes.

Use of Central Piedmont telecommunications shall be consistent with local, state, and federal law and in accordance with all College policies and procedures. All Central Piedmont users are responsible for using the resources in an efficient, responsible, considerate, ethical, and lawful manner. Access to telecommunications resources is a privilege, not a right, and, as such, can be withdrawn from those who use it irresponsibly. Users of Central Piedmont telecommunications resources who are determined by the College to have purposely violated any of the telecommunications policies will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension of access to technology resources, other disciplinary actions, up to and including dismissal and/or legal action.

Related Procedures

Use of College Telecommunications Procedures


Changes approved by the Board of Trustees on August 29, 2012; May 6, 2020

Changes approved by Cabinet on June 7, 2004; January 10, 2005; July 27, 2005