2.06 Use of College Facilities Policy

I. Policy Statement

Central Piedmont is a publicly supported higher education institution, established to serve the education and training needs of Mecklenburg County. Its properties are public spaces and its facilities are constructed with public funds. As such, the College will cooperate with community, religious, government, civic, educational organizations, and businesses by making available the use of its facilities, where practicable.

II. Outside Users

Under the following conditions, the College will endeavor to provide access to and use of Central Piedmont facilities, consistent with Board Policy:

  1. The College point of contact for outside groups or individuals desirous of using College facilities is the Vice President for Finance and Facilities Operations or designee. The Vice President shall consult with the President of The College upon receipt of a formal, written request for use. 
  2. The use of institutional facilities can be granted only when it does not interfere with or seriously inconvenience the College's academic and administrative programs and services, and is not inconsistent with the instructional mission of the institution.
  3. All organizations granted use of facilities must agree enter into a written contract, signed by an authorized official of the approved group. The contract must be executed and payment made at least 10 days prior to intended use.
  4. The user must agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the contract with the College, including logistical, campus and public safety, operational, financial, and other terms and conditions, in connection with the proposed use.
  5. The user must present proof of public liability insurance, including general liability limits, covering the period of use. The proof must be attached to the contract and reviewed by Central Piedmont’s Risk Management unit, prior to contract execution.
  6. Waiver of the Insurance requirement and release of liability may only be endorsed by the College President or designee, and must be coordinated through the Vice President for Finance and Facilities Operations, or designee.

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Changes approved by the Board of Trustees on May 6, 2020

Changes approved by Cabinet on February 2, 2004; October 30, 2006; June 18, 2012