5.08 Schedule Adjustment (Drop-Add)

Effective January 2, 2012

I. Purpose

Central Piedmont Community College is a learning-centered college committed to student success. For this reason, this regulation prohibits a student from registering for a class after schedule adjustment (drop-add) unless the reason for registering late is caused by an action of the College or is due to extenuating circumstances. Authorized College personnel may grant exceptions and may give permission for late registration as specified by these regulations.

II. Regulations

A. Schedule Adjustment During Registration

During registration periods, students may drop classes and may add classes that are not filled.

B. Schedule Adjustment After Classes Begin

Schedule adjustment add period is the first and second weekday of the term or session. Schedule adjustment drop period is through the 35% date of the class. Classes dropped prior to or on the 10% census date of the class do not appear on a student's official transcript. Classes dropped after the 10% census date and prior to or on the 35% date of the class are indicated on a student's transcript with a W grade (withdrawal).

C. After the Schedule Adjustment Period

Permission from the division director is required to enroll in any class after the schedule adjustment period up through the 10% date of the class, except in cases of College error.

D. After the 10% Class Census Date

Permission from the dean is required to enroll in any class after the 10% class census date. Documented extenuating circumstances must be presented before an exception is considered.

E. Central Piedmont Community College Refund Policy

Policy 7:08: Tuition and Registration Fee Refunds

F. Military Students Called Up to Active Duty

Military students who are called up to active duty may drop classes without financial or academic penalty (PDF) from the College. Military students must email military@cpcc.edu to set up an appointment with Military Families and Veterans Services in advance of a schedule adjustment or withdrawal in order to receive appropriate advisement and withdrawal procedures.


Changes approved by Cabinet on February 28, 2006; January 8, 2007; July 25, 2011; August 20, 2012