6.37 Substantive Changes Policy

I. Definition

Substantive changes are significant modifications or expansions of the nature or scope of an accredited institution.

II. Purpose

To establish a process for adherence to the policies and guidelines of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) related to institutional changes. In accordance with the SACSCOC policies, Central Piedmont Community College will notify the Commission of substantive changes and will seek approval prior to the initiation of the change when appropriate.

III. Policy

Central Piedmont is committed to ensuring compliance with all SACSCOC policies, including the substantive change policies and procedures of the SACSCOC. To that end, the Central Piedmont Board of Trustees endorses policies and procedures that ensure that Central Piedmont complies with SACSCOC’s substantive change policy.

IV. Procedures

  1. Semi-annually, the college SACSCOC liaison will send a check sheet to vice presidents, deans, division directors, program chairs, and the Central Piedmont Curriculum Committee requesting information on any institutional changes that have taken place in their areas since the last report.
  2. The College SACS liaison and appropriate vice president will review all changes identified on the check sheets to determine which changes are substantive according to SACSCOC.
  3. For each change identified as substantive, the appropriate vice president will assign responsibility to appropriate personnel to work with the college SACS liaison to complete required materials for submission, including letters and prospectus, as necessary.
  4. The College SACSCOC liaison will provide training, will monitor all institutional changes reported, and will report substantive changes to the president.
  5. The president or his designee will review, approve, and send completed substantive change documents to SACSCOC.

Approved by Board on August 29, 2012