Article VI Meetings - Board of Trustees Bylaws

A. Regular Meetings

  1. The Board of Trustees shall meet every other month, beginning on the first Wednesday of January in each year. If the first Wednesday of the month falls on a day that is not a business day, then such meeting shall be postponed until the next following Wednesday of the month or such other date as determined by the Chairman. The Board shall meet no less often than once in each fiscal quarter. These meetings are considered to be “regular meetings” of the Board.
  2. All meetings of the Board (and its committees) shall be held in compliance with state “Open Meetings” laws (N.C.G.S. 143-318.10). Closed sessions are permitted, as specified in N.C.G.S. 143-318.11.

B. Special Meetings

  1. Pursuant to Article IV of these Bylaws, special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chairman of the Board. The Chairman shall fix the time, place, and purpose(s) of a special meeting at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting, and public notice thereof shall be given.
  2. The Chairman shall also call a special meeting if requested in writing by four members of the Board, or by the President of the College.
  3. Any business relative to the College may be transacted in a special meeting except matters specifically confined to regular meetings under these Bylaws.

C. Notice of Meetings

The Secretary of the Board shall notify the Board of Trustees and the President in writing of the time and place of all meetings, forwarding copies of the agenda or a statement of the purpose(s) of a special meeting at least 48 hours in advance. The President shall be entitled to attend all meetings of the Board, except for closed sessions at which his or her performance is being considered.

D. Power to Vote

A majority of all qualified members serving at any time on the Board when present at a meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A member is considered qualified and eligible to vote by their physical presence, telephone, or videoconferencing.

E. Agenda

The Chairman of the Board, with consultation of the President, shall receive agenda items at least four days prior to the meeting for which the items were prepared. Robert's Rules of Order shall be the rules of proceedings of all meetings unless otherwise stipulated by the Board.

F. Approval of the Consent Agenda

  1. In order to promote efficient meetings, the Board may act upon more than one item by a single majority vote of the Board through the use of a Consent Agenda. Consent Agenda items shall be those of a non-controversial or routine nature, as determined by the Chair with consultation of the President. The Chair shall call for a vote of the Consent Agenda at the beginning of any meeting of the Board, if applicable.
  2. Any Board member has the right to comment on any Consent Agenda item. At the request of any member of the Board, any item on the Consent Agenda shall be removed and given individual consideration for action as a regular agenda item. The request to remove the item from the Consent Agenda shall be non-debatable and will be honored without discussion. Removal of an item from the Consent Agenda returns it to the appropriate committee’s report for full Board discussion.

G. Approval of the Regular Agenda

  1. The Chair shall call for a vote to approve the Regular Agenda followed by a call for the approval of the Consent Agenda at any regular meeting of the Board.
  2. When matters are to be considered by a committee between the time the agenda is sent and the time of any regular or special meeting of the Board, all Board members shall be sent accompanying materials considered by such committee in advance, with as much notice as feasible. The Chair may, in their discretion, agree to add the matter to the Agenda in advance; or, the Chair may ask for a vote of the Board to suspend the rules and add an Agenda item at the Board meeting.
  3. Any committee or Board member may request consideration of any item(s) not on the regular agenda of a regular or called meeting. However, such an item shall not be considered or added to the agenda without approval of two-thirds of the qualified members of the Board present and voting on such an item. Such items may include contracts, grants, personnel issues, and such other items as may require prompt Board action.

Approved by the Board of Trustees on July 11, 2018