The Work

Strategic Priorities 2019-2020

Goal #1:  Creating a Unified and Focused Vision for Student Success 

Central Piedmont will continue to work on redesigning the student experience. Working with a respected consultant, the college will undertake making our class scheduling process more efficient and student-centered.

One goal is to offer high-demand classes more often, at a wider range of times and more sequentially so students can take the classes they need when they want and need to take them. The college also will take the necessary steps to make orientation and pre-semester advising required for all first-year students

Goal #2:  Promoting Academic Excellence through Community Engagement and Partnerships

The college will announce later this year the new 49er Next program, a partnership with UNC Charlotte. 49er Next will allow high school graduates enrolling at Central Piedmont to declare their intent to transfer to UNC Charlotte after earning their associate degree. To ensure they stay on track, 49er Next students will choose from among a limited but carefully structured set of curricular programs so they are ready to move into the university and complete their bachelor’s degree on time.

Central Piedmont also is having early-phase discussions with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools about creating Charlotte’s first early college high school and possibly developing specialized academies for high school students.

Goal #3:  Advancing our Organizational Culture

Central Piedmont will continue its work to enhance talent development and ensure the necessary skill sets are in place within all units of the college. This is the next step of the resource allocation assessment process that began in late 2018.

A set of competencies have been identified by which employee performance will be measured and professional development programs will be based.

Goal #4:  Making Equity a Priority

The college will share data from its newly developed equity scorecard with faculty and staff during the fall 2019 semester. We know our students come from different places and different situations with different experiences and levels of preparation. We know gaps in achievement and program completion exist among our students.

The challenge is to help more students navigate the college, persist in their studies and earn a credential that leads to a career or further education. We must create pathways that provide greater equity without lessening academic rigor.

Goal #5:  Telling Our Story

The college will launch a new marketing campaign in the coming weeks showing how Central Piedmont helps its students “conquer possibility.” The campaign also will introduce the new college logo to the community. The campaign will include TV and radio spots, outdoor advertising, social media and other online placements. All advertising will drive potential students, their families, and community members to the new Central Piedmont website that went live in late April.