5.11 Attendance Regulation

I. Purpose

Absences seriously disrupt a student's orderly progress in a course, and often a close correlation exists between the number of absences and the final grade. Although an occasional absence might be unavoidable, the absence does not excuse a student from meeting the requirements of the missed class. The student is responsible for preparing all assignments for the next class and for completing work missed. Instructors are responsible for establishing course attendance requirements and for informing students of those requirements on course syllabi distributed at the beginning of the academic term.

II. Late Entry

To ensure student success and accuracy of reporting, the College prohibits a registered student from entering (attending for the first time) a curriculum class after the 10% date. A program dean may make an exception in the case of a College error.


III. Rule for Absence for Religious Observances

Students at Central Piedmont Community College may take two days of excused absences for religious observances required by their faith each academic year consistent with North Carolina General Statute 115D-5(u); S.L. 2010-112, s. 2. Students must provide each instructor a written request to have an excused absence at least one week prior to the absence. It is the responsibility of the student to work with his/her instructor in advance of the absence on how to make up missed work.

IV. Absence Due to Military Temporary Duty/Deployment

Active military students at Central Piedmont Community College may be granted excused absences for class time that is missed due to active military duty orders. Military students must set up an appointment with the Center for Military Families & Veterans in advance of absences in order to receive appropriate advisement and excused absence procedures. Military students who do not set up this appointment in advance of the absences may not be granted excused absences.

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