5.09 Withdrawal from Classes

I. Definitions

    A. Medical Withdrawals are granted when illness or injury prevent a student from attending and completing classes.

    B. Compassionate Withdrawals are granted when extraordinary circumstances prevent a student from attending and completing classes.

    II. Policy

    A student who for any reason cannot complete a class must take the responsibility to formally withdraw (W). Failure to do so may result in a failing grade. To receive a W grade, a student must withdraw prior to the 35% date of the class. Final dates for withdrawing from classes are on the course syllabus. The request for official withdrawal must be processed online through MyCollege or at a registration office. A W will remain on the transcript and will not count as credit hours attempted. To receive credit, a student who received a W must re-register and pay for the course in a subsequent term.

    Medical and Compassionate Withdrawals (PDF) must be processed at the Registrar’s Office. Medical and Compassionate Withdrawals are applicable after the 35% date of the class and must include thorough, credible, and verifiable documentation.

    The instructor may also assign a W grade at the end of the term when documented circumstances warrant such action. Withdrawals may affect a student's financial aid, veteran’s benefits, scholarships, and sponsorship. Refunds will be given in accordance with Policy 7.08 Tuition and Registration Fee Refunds.

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