Visual and Performing Arts, Digital Media Technology, and Communications

Visual and Performing Arts, Digital Media Technology, and Communications

According to Fast Company, the ability to effectively communicate is one of the five most important soft skills that recruiters look for in job candidates. Improve your digital media technology and communication skills or practice the arts at Central Piedmont.

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Advertising + Graphic Design

Central Piedmont's in-depth, two-year professional preparation Advertising and Graphic Design program will prepare you to go directly into the job...

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Associate (Transfer) Degrees

Associate in Arts, Associate in Arts in Dance, Associate in Science, Associate in Engineering, Associate in Fine Arts in Drama, Music, Visual Arts

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Audio Engineering (Non-Credit)

Learn audio engineering at Central Piedmont in a series of non-degree, continuing education courses. Explore the recording studio, audio consoles...

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Broadcasting and Production Technology

The Broadcast and Production program at Central Piedmont will prepare you to work in a variety of media-related careers, venues, and services via...

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Communication and Journalism Courses

Communication and journalism courses for general education credit

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English Courses

English courses for general education credit; includes Foundational English

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Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology

Get the knowledge and skills you need for employment in the printing, publishing, packaging, and related industries.

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Graphic Design, Printing, and Photography (Non-Credit)

Graphic Design, Printing, and Photography Corporate and Continuing Education at Central Piedmont offers non-credit courses, including Adobe...

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Interpreter Education

Develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to work as an entry-level ASL interpreter.

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Languages and Culture (Non-Credit)

Explore Courses Corporate and Continuing Education courses at Central Piedmont are not offered for college credit, but in many cases continuing...

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Simulation and Game Development

Our program is among the first in the country to use augmented and virtual reality equipment to create virtual simulations and games.

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