ASL & Interpreter Education Program

IEP flyer

The CPCC Interpreter Education Program is founded on the belief that Deaf people constitute a linguistic and cultural minority group. American Sign Language (ASL) is the natural and indigenous language of the Deaf Community. Instructors encourage students to acquire and master ASL both through classroom instruction and diverse contact within the Deaf Community.  The Interpreter Preparation Program at CPCC uses the approach that interpreters are allies within the Deaf Community and that interpreting is a complex cognitive process.  We recognize that not all deaf people use ASL. We encourage students to broaden their competence and expertise through on-going association with a variety of deaf persons and a commitment to life-long learning.

The CPCC Interpreter Education Program provides a challenging and contemporary academic environment that fosters self-awareness, self-discovery and active learning among students. The students acquire the knowledge and master the skills as well as develop the attitudes necessary to work as entry-level interpreters. All this is done in a manner that demonstrates our respect and appreciation for student, Deaf, and non-deaf consumer diversity.