Student Resources

General Campus Resources

Below are links to some of the most frequently-requested student resources at CPCC. Subscription for CPCC Students! is offered under a CPCC site license, so all current students can use their entire library. This is a tremendous resource. Connect here: from campus or home.

We Give Credit Where Credit Is Due!

Do you have real world experience or have you taught yourself skills that you want to refine without covering the basics again? CPCC offers the chance to take what you have learned on your own and apply it toward your degree. You can easily receive credit for experience with CPCC and CPCC IT.  CPCC's IT Division is in the process of creating a new degree program for Game Design & Development. Contact CPCC IT for more details.

Association for Computing Machinery

CPCC has a student chapter of the world's first society in computing. The group is free of cost and open to all CPCC IT Students. For further details, please see CPCC ACM's website.

What Can Be Better Than Free?

As an IT Student, you have the opportunity to recieve software at little or no cost from Microsoft. Download or order discs of popular programs and operating systems, such as Windows XP Professional and Virtual PC. Find out more about ELMS.