Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for Central Piedmont Accounts

Duo multifactor authentication is required for everyone with a Central Piedmont technology account to access all systems.

Duo is a multifactor authentication (MFA) app that enhances the security of your account by providing an extra layer of protection. Duo works by sending a notification to your device (such as your smartphone) to confirm your identity after you enter your username and password.

Duo is required for all employees, students, and anyone with a technology account to access email, use MyCollege, Brightspace, and more.

How to Get and Use Duo: Enroll a Device

For step-by-step instructions to complete signing up for Duo MFA, visit ITS' Knowledge Base.

Setting up a smartphone or other personal device to start using Duo to verify your identity is quick and is completed through the Account Management Portal using your Central Piedmont username and password. Make sure to select the appropriate domain (Faculty/Staff or Student).

When logging in to most Duo-protected services, an option will be available to remember your device for 30 days. This option should only be used on trusted personal devices and never on shared computers, including in computer labs.

If you don't want to use a personal device or don't have a smartphone, please contact the Service Desk at 704.330.5000 or through the Service Desk Portal for assistance.

Keep Your Device Charged and Available

You will be required to authenticate every time you login. You should protect your device for account security. Keep your device charged; charging stations are available on all campuses. If you receive a physical token, bring it to campus with you and take care to protect it as you would any valuable, such as your keys, since it unlocks your account.

How Many Devices to Enroll

You may also enroll additional devices for convenience or to fit the way you work. For example, if you already use a universal multifactor hardware device for your personal accounts, you can enroll it with Duo and access most Central Piedmont resources the same way.

Duo Troubleshooting