Printing at Central Piedmont

Print Anywhere is the current Central Piedmont print management system that allows users to manage their print quota, print to any Central Piedmont-managed printer, and allows for accurate reporting of college printing. Contact the ITS Help Desk for printing technical support, including paper jams, printer errors, low toner, and issues with the Print Anywhere system.

Pay-for-Print Printers

  • Multi-Function Device (MFD, also sometimes referred to as AIOs or All-In-Ones): Multi-Function Devices are printing and copying machines that combine several functions in a single unit, such as fax, copier, printer, and scanner capabilities. They can also staple and create booklets and duplexes. Multi-function devices are strategically placed throughout Central Piedmont buildings, mainly in the libraries, office suites, and open student areas. Multi-function devices reduce the time to print documents and save departments money by reducing paper consumption. They are the first step in facilitating document imaging and workflow to the college community.
  • Omega Printing Terminal: The omega printing terminals have been attached to printers in computer classrooms. The omega terminals only Central Piedmont support network and My Print Center logins - you will not be able to use your Central Piedmont ID badge to release to print jobs from an Omega printing terminal.

Printing Support

If you need printing consumables, such as toner, paper, or staples, contact the ITS Help Desk. A service request detailing the need will be opened and routed to Campus Printing.

Google Cloud print isn't currently supported, but anyone without full driver functionality using a computer such as a Chromebook can use My Print Center or submit their job via email submission.

How to Print

With Print Anywhere, there are two steps to print a document:

  • Step One: Print

    There are 3 different ways to print:

    1. Print from Central Piedmont network computer: The same way you printed from a Central Piedmont-networked computer previously is the same way you'll print with PrintAnywhere. The only change is that you'll select one of the following print queues to send your job. These print queues will be automatically installed on every Central Piedmont-networked computer:

      1. BW__PrintAnywhere

        1. Guests should use GuestBW__PrintAnywhere;
      2. Color__PrintAnywhere
        1. Guests should use GuestColor__PrintAnywhere.
    2. Print from personal computing device (requires print-ready files): You can upload a document to My Print Center (MPC) for printing at a pay for print printer.
    3. Print via email submission requires print-ready files): You can email attachments to My Print Center for printing at a pay for print printer. Multiple email addresses can linked to an account. If you submit a print job from your personal email and need to associate it with your Central Piedmont account, you'll be able to link your email address to your Central Piedmont login. Send your print job to one of the following email addresses:

    Note that all Print Anywhere devices are automatically set to print on both sides of the paper (duplex). If you don't want your document to print on both sides of the paper, you can remove the duplex setting in the printer options. If you do not format your document to fit one page when printing via My Print Center or via email, your single page document may print out as multiple pages. Be sure to set up your document to fit on standard letter (8.5x11) page size before uploading or submitting a print job via email. Printing from a Central Piedmont-networked computer will allow you to use the print driver to manage the paper output.

    When you send a document to the print servers, it will not print out at a printer until you're ready. The print job is sent to our print servers, and then waits for you to release it at a pay for print printer.

  • Step Two: Release the Print Job

    When you're ready to get your document, you need to find a pay for print printer and release the print job. Print jobs will be removed from the system after 72 hours. If 72 hours have passed, you will need to print the job again.

    1. At a pay-for-print printer, swipe your Central Piedmont ID badge or touch the screen to enter your Central Piedmont network login, Central Piedmont Guest Account, or My Print Center Login.

      1. Employees can use their RFID Central Piedmont ID badge to log in to a multi-function device. If you carry multiple RFID badges, you will need to remove your Central Piedmont employee ID from your wallet or card holder when attempting to log in.
    2. Review the printing quick reference poster (PDF) hung nearby each pay for print printer.
    • Printing Tutorials and Guides

    Student Printer Locations

    The following is a list of the multi-function printers on each Central Piedmont campus. Multifunction printers (MFPs) give users the ability to print, copy, or scan their documents. In addition to multifunction printers, Central Piedmont boasts a number of standard printers which may be accessed in the nearest computer lab.

    • Cato Campus

      • Cato I Building, Room 200 (black and white, Law Library)
      • Cato I Building, Room 222 (color, lab)
      • Cato II Building, Room 250 (color, Math Emporium)
      • Cato III Building, Room 021 (black and white, Student Life office)
      • Cato III Building, Room 315 (color, library)

      Cato Campus map and directions

    • Central Campus

      • Central High Building, Room 104 (color)
      • Central High Building, Room 110 (black and white)
      • Health Careers Building, Room 3531 (color)
      • Levine Technology Building, Room 1140 (black and white, located in ESL lab in room 1144)
      • Levine Technology Building, Room 2124 (2 printers, one black and white, one color)
      • Levine Technology Building, Room 3130 (color, lab)
      • Library Building, Room 203 (2 printers, one black and white, one color, Library)
      • Library Building, Room 302 (color)
      • North Classroom Building, Room 1174 (color)
      • North Classroom Building, Room 2106 (color)
      • North Classroom Building, Room 3174 (color)
      • North Classroom Building, Room 4108 (color)
      • North Classroom Building, Room 5171 (color)
      • Overcash Center, Room 232 (black and white, hallway)
      • Zeiss Building, Room 2106 (2 printers, color, Math Emporium)

      Central Campus map and directions

    • City View Center

    • Harper Campus

      • Harper I Building, Room 118 (color)
      • Harper I Building, Room 304 (color)
      • Harper I Building, Room 397 (color)
      • Harper III Building, Room 110 (color)
      • Harper III Building, Room 168 (color)
      • Harper III Building, Room 220 (color, Veterans Affairs Education Benefits)
      • Harper III Building, Room 300 (color, library)
      • Harper III Building, Room 312 (color)
      • Harper III Building, Room 320 (color, Math Emporium)
      • Harper III Building, Room 371 (color)
      • Harper III Building, Room 412 (color, lab)
      • Harper III Building, Room 466 (color)
      • Harper III Building, Room 473 (color)

      Harper Campus map and directions

    • Harris Campus

      • Harris I Building, Room 2100 (color, library)
      • Harris I Building, Room 2235 (color, lab)

      Harris Campus map and directions

    • Levine Campus

      • Levine I Building, Room 2100 (black and white)
      • Levine II Building, Room 1300 (color, lab)
      • Levine III Building, Room 1572 (color, hallway near 1500)
      • Levine III Building, Room 1620 (color, Math Emporium)
      • Levine III Building, Room 2520 (color, Academic Learning Center [tutoring])
      • Levine III Building, Room 2577 (color, hallway near 2520)
      • Levine III Building, Room 2577 (color, hallway across from the library)
      • Levine III Building, Room 2600 (color, library)
      • Levine III Building, Room 2602 (color, library)
      • Levine III Building, Room 3504 (color)
      • Levine III Building, Room 3576 (color, hallway near 3520)

      Levine Campus map and directions

    • Merancas Campus

      • Criminal Justice Building, Room 131 (black and white, hallway)
      • Transportation Systems Building, Room 242 (color, lab)
      • Transportation Systems Building, Room 245 (black and white, hallway)

      Merancas Campus map and directions

    Printing Quotas

    The minimum amount of funds that can be added to a printing account is $1, and the maximum is $50.

    • Students

      • Students earning college credit have a certain amount of print quota each semester based on the amount of credit hours on your registration. 
      • There is a maximum of $16 allotted per semester. 
      • You also have the ability to add additional print quota credits through the system.
      • Every fiscal year between the spring and summer semesters, the awarded print quota credits that are not used are purged from the system. 
        • Your personally-funded print balances that are above $5 and are still in the system at the end of the fiscal year are refunded. 
        • Your personally-funded print balances that are below $5 will remain in the user's account.
      • You can check you print quota at any pay for print printer or by logging into My Print Center (MPC).

      To add print quota to your printing account (using a credit card):

    • Faculty/Staff

      Your print quota will be managed by your department's liaison. If you're running low on quota please contact your department liaison to request more print quota. You can check you print quota at any pay for print printer or by logging into My Print Center.

    • Guests

      Create a print account to My Print Center (MPC). In My Print Center, you'll be able to add print funds with a credit card.

    Faculty/Staff: Multi-Function Printer (MFP) Lifecycle Overview

    • Picking the Right Device

      Deciding what type or model of MFP doesn't need to be a tasking process if you know what your needs are.

      Central Piedmont's Campus Printing department provides on-site assistance to gather information about your area during a preliminary "site survey" to determine what product best matches your required needs. During the "site survey" the technician will discuss needs, such as:

      • Floor Space Availability
      • Black and White or Color Capability
      • Size of Paper Supported (i.e. 11x17, Legal, etc.)
      • SPM (Scans Per Minute)
      • PPM (Prints Per Minute)
      • Fax Capability

      The primary purpose behind the purchasing of an MFP is to eliminate multiple devices and combine their functionality into a single machine (print, scan, copy, fax).

    • Installation

      Once the device is purchased, Campus Printing will coordinate the physical placement of the MFP in your area and contact a deployment date/time which is most convenient for you. Upon placement, the on-site technician will run through an entire system check of both external and internal functions to verify device features are functioning properly. Once device functionality has been verified, the device will be placed on the college network and onto the Print Management System (PMAN). Lastly, old equipment which was phased out during the MFP installation will be physically removed by Campus Printing.

    • Training

      Once installation has been completed, a training date/time will be coordinated by Campus Printing at a time which is convenient for you. Training on the device would include points such as:

      • device button layout and features
      • PIN usage for print management
      • scanning
      • copying
      • printing
      • faxing
      • device maintenance

      In addition, the Print Managers (Print Management Administrator for the area) will receive training from Campus Printing on the following points:

      • adding/deleting users
      • adding/subtracting credits
      • purchasing credits
    • Maintenance

      During the lifetime of an MFP certain parts and equipment will need to be serviced or replaced. Parts that Campus Printing can replace:

      • toner/ink cartridges
      • paper
      • staples
      • maintenance kits
      • document feeder kits

      For all replacement maintenance parts, Campus Printing may be contacted at 704.330.6502 or

      Service Process

      • If the MFP is low on toner, or additional paper is needed, please contact Campus Printing by filling out a Campus Printing order form.
      • If the MFP needs additional service and is not functioning as it should, please submit a service request to the ITS Help Desk.
      • ITS will attempt to resolve the request if the issue is related to internal systems managed by ITS employees.
      • If the issues is a result of malfunctioning hardware, ITS will contact Campus Printing to have the MFP serviced by our MFP supplier, Systel.
      • Systel will contact Campus Printing to let them know that service has been completed. ITS will confirm that the MFP is functional and update the service request accordingly.
    • Support

      Once your device has been put into production and is actively being used by staff members, the potential for an error or device malfunction may occur. When such an event occurs, Central Piedmont staff can contact the ITS Helpdesk at 704.330.5000 or for support. The ITS Helpdesk can assist with:

      • network-related issues:

        • non-response print queues 
        • clearing print jobs
        • rebooting the MFP
        • scan-to-email problems
        • faxing problems
        • workflow problems
        • scan to folder problems
      • device-related issues:
        • configuration changes 
        • default settings
        • tray types
        • brightness/contrast
        • date/time
        • toner/ink density
        • resolution (DPI) output
      • print management (PMAN)-related issues:
        • PIN problems

      For all hardware related problems or malfunctions, events can be processed through the ITS Helpdesk to our vendor Charlotte Copy Data.

    More Information on Print Services