How to Connect to the Central Piedmont Wireless Network

Wireless Network Requirements

To connect to the wireless network, you will need:

  1. A wireless device that is compatible with WiFi networks (802.11a, 802.11g or 802.11n) and is also compatible with the 802.1x protocol (most modern devices are compatible).
  2. A valid Central Piedmont username and password or guest authorization code.

We cannot offer open access to Central Piedmont wireless networks. Central Piedmont's network is considered a public network. Public networks are subject to specific security and audit standards. These standards require all users to be tracked so we must have all users login to our network, including guests. Fortunately, the wireless network has a self-service portal for guests of the Central Piedmont community to make it easier on first time users or infrequent guests.

In most cases, you will have access to departmental resources if the information is accessible via a web browser or is "cloud enabled." SharePoint, Google Apps,email, and Lync-based phone services are all available via the wireless network. Some sensitive network resources will not be available for security reasons. Wireless printing is not supported.

Available Wireless Networks

There are two wireless networks.

  1. CPCC: The CPCC wireless network is for both Central Piedmont employees and students. This network requires you to use a valid Central Piedmont username and password. Students must enter after their username when connecting.
  2. CPCCguest: The CPCCguest network features a self-service portal to allow guests a method to create their own accounts instantly. These sessions are temporary and have limited resources available to them.

Connecting to the Network as a Central Piedmont Student or Employee


  • Connecting to the Central Piedmont Guest Network

    The new guest access will work by text message (SMS). You will simply connect to ‘CPCCguest’ with your wireless device and open a web browser.

    • If you are not automatically prompted, open a web browser and attempt to connect to a web page. You will be redirected to the Central Piedmont guest login page.
    • In the “Phone Number” box enter your 10-digit mobile phone number and then click “Continue” (a mobile phone that can receive text messages (SMS) is required to access this network).
    • The web page will change, allowing you to enter an authorization code.
    • Shortly after, you will receive an authorization code via text message.
    • Enter the code you received by text into the “Authorization Code” box and select “sign in.”
    • You should now be connected to the guest network.

    The guest network is intended for first time enrolling students, one-time guests, and infrequent visitors so your access will be limited to one session per guest authorization code. The guest network will have limited access to Central Piedmont network resources and internet destinations.