Information Technology Services for Faculty and Staff

Here you will find information, resources, and tools available to faculty and staff at Central Piedmont.

For more information on ITS:


The college now uses Brightspace as its learning management system (LMS). Be sure to use these Brightspace resources.


For your convenience, the Service Desk serves as your single point of contact for technical assistance. The Service Desk can help you install hardware and software, request new equipment, request new accounts and or update accounts, upgrade and repair hardware, troubleshoot the telephone system, troubleshoot issues with college-licensed software, request mainframe printing, and consult on other technology concerns.

Reset Your Central Piedmont Password

If you forget your Central Piedmont account password, follow these instructions to set up your account management portal so you can reset your password any time, without having to contact the Service Desk.

Information for Employees

  • Access Email Remotely

    Access your employee email remotely through your web browser at

  • Central Piedmont Website (

    Learn about the college's public website (

  • Email Accounts for Retirees

    The college is no longer offering email accounts for retirees.

  • File Access

    ITS provides network file storage services that allow staff to collaborate and share documents, store work related files securely on the Central Piedmont network, and enjoy the benefits of regular backups and access to the files from anywhere on the internet.

    • U-Drive: Network file storage for each employee. If you use 'My Documents' while logged into a college workstation, you are already using your U-Drive.
    • H-Drive: Network file storage for departments for storing departmentally-shared files.

    We provide multiple methods of accessing network file storage. If you are working on a Central Piedmont workstation, the U-Drive and H-Drive can be located by clicking on the Start menu and selecting My Computer. The share drives are located under Network Location. If you are off-campus, you can use the Central Piedmont Cloud to access your network file storage. Citrix enables staff to interact with their U-Drive, and H-Drive just as they would from any Central Piedmont campus computer.

  • Images

    Windows 7 x64

    • Windows 7 x64 Enterprise – SP1
    • Microsoft Office 2013 x86
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Adobe Reader DC
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
    • Adobe Shockwave Plugin 12.2
    • Adobe Flash Player Plugin 24
    • Mozilla Firefox 50.0.2
    • Java - Version 8 Update 111
    • Google Chrome 54.0
    • Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.5
    • Windows Media Player
    • Windows Movie Maker 2.6
    • Turning Point 5.4
    • Cisco Jabber Client

    Apple OSX

    • OSX 10.11 El Capitan and 10.12 Sierra
    • Adobe Reader DC 2015 15.020.20039
    • Adobe Flash Player Plugin
    • Adobe Shockwave Plugin 12.225.195
    • Citrix Plugin 12.3.0
    • DVD Player
    • VLC 2.2.4
    • Java - Version 8 Update 101
    • iMovie
    • Photos
    • iTunes 12.5.1
    • Keynote
    • Numbers
    • Pages
    • Microsoft Office 2016
    • Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.50901.0
    • Google Chrome 53.0.2785.143
    • Safari 10.0
    • QuickTime 10.4
    • Panopto
  • Network Access Form, Change Request Form (Request Increased Email Storage, Access Shared Drives, etc.)

    All employees of Central Piedmont are eligible to receive an account granting access to the college's computer network. This privilege is available to both part-time and full-time faculty and staff. A network account is needed in order to utilize the college e-mail system, shared network drives, individual network storage, and any specialized access needed for specific positions. In order to process all network account requests efficiently, the proper paperwork should be submitted in a timely manner. 

    • To obtain your account, you must submit an online account request (login required). Your Departmental Liaison can assist you in filling out the required information, and must authorize your request before it will be processed.
    • To make changes to your network account, including getting access to shared drives and departmental applications, requesting increased email storage, or closing an account, email the Service Desk.
  • Network Usage Policies

    Central Piedmont has established set guidelines for network account usage by which you must abide during your employment at the college. Please take a moment to review the following specific policies:

  • New Employees

    All Central Piedmont employees, including part-time, are required to have a Central Piedmont network account. Staff must not use accounts that are not specifically assigned to them. Your network account will allow you to access:

    • Central Piedmont workstations
    • Central Piedmont email
    • departmentally shared data (U-Drive, H-Drive, Sharepoint, etc.)
    • administrative information systems (Datatel, Informer, etc.)
    • online services (Brightspace, CAW, etc.)

    To get your account, use our identity management system. Human Resources will provide you with the appropriate information to create your account.

    A new employee office/space request form is used for the authorization process of new (or newly full-time) employee office/space requests and to notify ITS about the new office or space technology needs. All new employees with assigned spaces should have this form filled out for them by their supervisors. Note: This form is not used to request upgrades or new equipment for existing employees.

  • Password Policies

    Central Piedmont is held to security standards developed by the state of North Carolina, the federal government, and private agencies to help insure our student’s and staff’s personal data remains private. These policies align us with these standards and those set by the PCI (Payment Card Industry).

    Password Complexity Requirements

    • Your password must be at least 12 characters.
    • It must contain three of the following:
      • upper case letter
      • lower case letter
      • number
      • special character
    • It cannot be the same as any of your six previous passwords.
    • Your password must be changed every 90 days.
    • Finally, your password can only be changed once per day.

    Password Expiration

    You will be notified in two ways when your password is about to expire:

    • Starting at 14 days prior to password expiration, you will receive notification from your college computer telling you when your password will expire and if you would like to change it.
    • Starting at 14 days prior to password expiration, you will receive an automated email from the helpdesk telling you when your password will expire and steps to take to change your password.

    Remember that your mobile device stores your Central Piedmont password. You must change the password stored on your device(s) anytime you change your password. If you have your email setup on a device and have not yet updated it with the new password, your device may try to sync using your old credentials. After three unsuccessful attempts to sync, you will be locked out of your account for 15 minutes. To resolve this, update the password on your device.

    If your password expires, you will need to contact the Service Desk for assistance with resetting your password. Be prepared to answer your security questions or be able to provide proof of who you are.

  • Quotas, Request Additional Storage

    The quota system is a technology that Central Piedmont ITS has implemented to better manage the growth of network-stored data. You are given one gigabyte of network storage for your U-drive (or 'My Documents' folder). Provisions have been made for increases in individual storage sizes based on need. The college has the quota system in place because, in the absence of some control mechanism, it is possible for individual users to consume all available storage in a manner inconsistent with use of college information technologies policies. The quota system has been implemented to ensure the efficient use of college resources. This system also guarantees that you will be able to store documents and files up to your allocated limit.

    To check your storage or current quota size go to My Computer and left click to select your U-Drive. The details section of your My Computer window will show you the total size of your U-Drive and your current free space available. You will also be notified by email as you approach or meet your quota limit.

    Your U-drive should be used for college-related documents and files that require portability. Any files considered to be ‘mission critical’ that are not being shared department-wide should be stored there so they can be backed up by ITS.

    The college has several storage options available for faculty and staff. These drives are directly accessible from each user’s workstation:

    • H-Drive: used for storing departmental data which requires portability, security, and backup
    • J-Drive: used for data from departmental applications which requires portability, security, and backup
    • Z-Drive: used for storing data which needs to be made available to the college as a whole
    • C-Drive: your workstation’s hard disk that can be used for storing data which is not critical for college operations

    Some other storage options include the following:

    • Public folders: for storing emails to share with other people
    • Exchange: for storing college-relevant email threads

    Once you reach your quota limit, you will be unable to save additional data to your U-Drive until you do one of three things:

    • delete old data you no longer need
    • move some data to another, more appropriate location
    • request additional storage from ITS

    Use the guidelines above to help determine the most appropriate location for any data you wish to move. You will receive a warning message via email as your U-Drive approaches capacity and again when you exceed it.

    To request additional storage, submit a request to the Service Desk. Your request should include a justification for the increase and a supervisor’s approval. ITS will make every effort to process requests for additional storage within a 48-hour period.

  • Third Party Use of Labs

    Instructional Technology should be contacted in advance (a month is preferable) with technical specifications needed for the class. This policy holds even if they intend to use their own technician to set up the class. This is necessary to ensure that the machines fulfill requirements for the class (e.g. hard drive space, RAM, processor speed, etc.). Web based applications can also present a challenge when they are heavy with graphics, video, and audio clips (bandwidth intensive applications). Third parties are charged for technical support. Our base rate is $50/hr. The rate will increase along with the complexity of the skill set required to do the setup. Our ability to provide support is also contingent upon having that particular skill set in house. Please email one month prior to the scheduled event.