Central Piedmont Cloud

The Central Piedmont Cloud initiative is a project using the latest in technology to provide students with access to needed classroom software and Central Piedmont licensed applications on their own personal mobile devices.

Over the years, the requests for computer classrooms has risen as specialty software is needed for instruction. In order to meet this demand for students, we are taking advantage of new virtualization technology and moving away from the legacy computer classroom architecture. This empowers our students by giving them access to specialty software on their mobile devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

The end goal of the Central Piedmont Cloud initiative is to provide students with both on-campus and off-campus access to Central Piedmont licensed applications. The Cloud helps bring classroom software that students need on their device so that students can use their device to complete school work, assignments, or tests while in class or at home. Cloud applications are critical to enhancing the students learning environment and are provided by Citrix over an internet connection. These applications live in a virtual desktop provided by Citrix and are hosted on our own campus servers. Students will need to download and install Citrix on their mobile device supported by our minimum requirements list.

Existing computer classrooms and labs are not going away. If a given course will use the Central Piedmont Cloud, the instructor or the course information will inform students of this fact.

    Available Cloud Desktop Applications

    The availability of some Cloud Desktops is dependent on course registration. All Cloud Desktops include Microsoft Office 2016, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Java, Acrobat Reader, along with several browser plugins. Applications marked with an asterisk (*) are also available for stand-alone use without connecting to a Cloud Desktop.

    • Windows: General Use Applications

      • Acrobat Pro
      • Atech
      • Audacity
      • AutoCAD 2017
      • Best Case Bankruptcy
      • Burlington English
      • CaseMap and Timemap*
      • CCC One Pathways
      • Central Access Reader
      • DRC Insight
      • Dynascape*
      • FluidSIM 5
      • InkScape*
      • International Tax Navigator
      • LoggerPro 3
      • Microsoft Project 2016
      • Microsoft Visio 2016*
      • MiniTab 18
      • Multisim v14.1
      • Primavera P6 Professional
      • Respondus
      • SketchUp 8
      • SPSS v24*
      • Tabs3*
      • VLC Media Player
    • Windows: Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 Applications

      • Adobe Creative Cloud 2018
    • Engineering Applications

      • AutoDesk AutoCAD 2017
      • AutoDesk AutoCAD Civil 3D
      • AutoDesk AutoCAD Electrical
      • FluidSIM5
      • National Instruments Software
      • PTC Creo 5
      • Rockwell RS Linx
      • Rockwell RSLogic
      • Solidworks
    • Health Sciences Applications

      • Dentrix
      • Eaglesoft
    • Information Technology Applications

      • Alice 3
      • Dev C++
      • CodeBlocks
      • Eclipse
      • Flowgorithm
      • jGRASP
      • Microsoft  Power BI
      • Microsoft SQL  management studio 17
      • NetBeans IDE 8.2
      • Oracle SQL Developer
      • Python 3.6
      • Windows Powershell
      • Wing IDE 101 6.0
    • Geospatial Applications

      • ERDAS
      • ESRI – ARCGIS
      • Trimble

    Cloud Support