Getting Started with the Central Piedmont Cloud

Step 1: Make Sure Your Device is Supported

  • Cloud Hardware and Software Requirements

    It is strongly recommended that you use the Citrix Workspace stand-alone application when accessing the Cloud, as the web desktop may not have all of the available features. You can download the app for your device using the following links:

    Operating System

    Minimum Requirements

    Recommended Requirements

    • Windows 10
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 100MB Free Disk Space
    • HTML5 Compatible Browser
    OS X
    • OS X 10.8
    • 2 GB Ram
    • 100MB Free Disk Space
    • HTML5 Compatible Browser
    • iPad 2
    • iOS 7
    • Citrix Workspace
    • iPad 3 or Newer
    • iOS 9
    • Citrix Workspace
    • Android 4.4
    • Citrix Workspace
    • Android 5.1 or Newer
    • Citrix Workspace
    Chrome OS
    • Chrome OS Version 37
    • 2GB RAM
    • HTML5 Compatible Browser (included)
    • Chrome OS Version 47 or Newer
    • 4 GB RAM
    • Citrix Workspace

    Hardware and software guidelines do not supersede, and are not inclusive of, the minimum requirements of the operating system.

      If you cannot use the Citrix Workspace application, you can use the HTML5 web-based interface. This option is not as powerful and lacks some features of the Citrix Workspace. If you have to use the web-based interface, we strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when using the Central Piedmont Cloud as they offer full HTML5 support.

    • Additional Cloud Requirements

      • screen size: 10 inches or larger
      • screen resolution:1024 x 768 or better
      • keyboard: external keyboard is required in all cases unless specified differently by the Central Piedmont Disability and Access Services office
        • external keyboard must disable the on-screen keyboard
      • pointer device: a mouse, touchpad, or other pointing device is required
        • using the touchscreen as a pointing device is not recommended
      • audio: audio capabilities with headphones/earphones are required for some applications
      • network (off-campus): minimum of 800 kbps required; 2 mbps recommended for use of high definition audio and video
      • video out (recommended): HDMI

      These guidelines do not supersede and are not inclusive of the minimum requirements of the operating system.

    • Purchasing a Recommended Device

      As long as your mobile device meets the specified requirements, all you need to do is bring the device to class. If you need to purchase a mobile device that meets our hardware and software requirements you have a few options:

      Option 1: Purchase Using Financial Aid

      If you need to use financial aid, the Central Piedmont Bookstore is available to help you purchase a recommended mobile device. You will need to go in person to one of the campus bookstores to complete a mobile device purchase using financial aid. Locations and hours of operation are located at the Central Piedmont Bookstore website. At this time, a mobile device can't be purchased via the bookstore's website.

      Option 2: Purchase Using Personal Funds

      We have set up a website to provide a selection of recommended mobile devices. A list of recommended mobile devices is located on Dell's Central Piedmont Member Purchase Program website. At this time you will need to use your personal funds to complete a purchase via the Central Piedmont member purchase program site. Financial aid cannot be used on the member purchase program site.

    • Check Out A Device

      Students can check out Chromebook laptops from checkout kiosks on each campus. Checkout kiosks are in the following locations:

      • Cato III building, 1st floor
      • Harper IV building, lobby
      • Merancas Transport Systems building, 2nd-floor student lounge
      • Harris I building, 1st floor
      • Levine I building, 1st floor near food court (coming soon)
      • Central Campus Zeiss building, lobby

      Additional locations will be made available.

    Step 2: Connect to the Internet

    Getting Started with Cloud Step 3: Accessing the Cloud

    • Windows

      1. In a web browser, navigate to

        access Workspace for Windows from the Citrix Workspace site
      2. Make sure that the Workspace version is compatible with your version of Windows and click on the “Download for Windows” button.
        Click download Citrix Workspace app for Windows
      3. Save the file to your local machine. Once it has completed downloading, click “Run.”
        Click run
      4. You will be presented with the Citrix Workspace installer. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the Workspace application.
        Welcome to Citrix Workspace screen - click start
      5. When the installation is complete, click on the “Add Account” button. In the “Enter your work email or server address field provided by your IT department” field, type in and click the add button. 
        enter and click add
      6. Enter your Central Piedmont username and password and click “Log On.” 
        Log on to workspace using your Central Piedmont credentials
      7. The Workspace will begin to connect. Please be patient during this process. 
        Workspace connecting
      8. When the Workspace has connected to the Central Piedmont Cloud, it will display your virtual environment. You are now connected and ready to use the Cloud.
      Cloud home screen
    • Mac Laptops/Desktops

      1. In a web browser, navigate to

        select Citrix Workspace app for Mac from Workspace site
      2. Make sure that the Workspace version is compatible with your version of Mac and click on the “Download for Mac” button. 
        click download Citrix Workspace app for Mac
      3. Once the download is complete, open your downloads location in Finder. Double click the CitrixWorkspaceApp.dmg file to launch the installer. 
        Citrix Workspace file
      4. Double click the “Install Citrix Workspace” file and follow the installation instructions. 
        Install Citrix Workspace
        Citrix Workspace installer
      5. When the installation is complete, close the installer and open the Citrix Workspace app from your applications folder in Finder. When Citrix Workspace first opens, you may receive a message that “Citrix Receiver is now Citrix Workspace.” Simply click the “Got it” button. 
        Citrix Receiver is now Citrix Workspace notification screen
      6. The Workspace will prompt you to add your account. Enter into the dialogue box and click “Add.” 
        enter and click add
      7. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. These are the same as your Central Piedmont username and password. You may receive one or both of the following login prompts (one that includes a "domain" field and one that does not).
        1. If you are a student, select for the domain field.
        2. If you are an employee, select for the domain field. 
          log on screen without domain field
          log on screen with domain field
      8. When the home screen loads, you have successfully connected to Central Piedmont Cloud using the Citrix Workspace. 
        Cloud home screen

        Missing media item.

    • Chromebook

      Add Your Central Piedmont Account to Your Chromebook

      If you already have a Chromebook that has been configured to your personal account, complete the following steps to add your Central Piedmont account to your existing setup. This will make sure that your personal profile and data is not removed. Following these instructions will provide you with the ability to keep your personal files and folders separate from your Central Piedmont Cloud files and folders. This will also protect you from accidental data lose and/or overwrite.

      1. The following is a screenshot of a Chromebook that has already been setup using a non-Central Piedmont Cloud account. The easiest way to differentiate which background is currently being displayed on your Chromebook. If you have the default Central Piedmont Cloud background, you are on your Central Piedmont Cloud account. The following screenshot shows a personal account. 

        personal account background
      2. To add your Central Piedmont Cloud account, simply click on your avatar in the menu bar. This will open the user menu. Select "Sign Out." 
        click the sign out button to sign out of your personal account
      3. You will be logged out of your personal account and taken to the login screen. Click on the "+ Add person" tab in the menu bar. 
        add person
      4. A prompt will appear asking you to sign in to your Chromebook. Enter your Central Piedmont email account (e.g., and click "Next." 
        sign into Chromebook with Central Piedmont email
      5. You will be prompted to re-enter your password so Chrome can update the device profile. This password is the same one that you use when signing into your email account. Confirm your password and click "Next." 
        enter Central Piedmont password and click next
      6. Another login screen will appear prompting you to enter your Central Piedmont login and password. This will log you into the Central Piedmont servers. Enter your login ID (this is everything to the left of the @ sign) and password. Click "Login." 
        Central Piedmont login screen for entering Central Piedmont credentials
      7. You will notice that the background will change to the Central Piedmont logo and that applications you may not have previously installed are available in the menu bar. You are now logged in with your Central Piedmont account. 
        background of Chromebook signed into Central Piedmont account
      8. You can also check which account you are logged into by clicking on the account avatar in the menu bar and then right clicking. You should see your Central Piedmont account listed before your internet connection options. 
        checking which account logged into using avatar in menu bar
      9. Now when you log out of an account, you will be presented with an option for each account to log in to your Chromebook:
        1. your Central Piedmont account
        2. your personal account 
          Chromebook account options - personal and Central Piedmont accounts

      Access the Cloud From Your Chromebook Using Your Central Piedmont Account

      After adding your Central Piedmont Cloud account to a Chromebook that has already been configured using your personal account (if applicable), use the following steps to access the Cloud. Screenshots were taken on an HP Chromebook running Chrome OS Version 53.0.2. Your device may not match the screenshots, but the steps remain the same:

      1. Login to your Chromebook using your Central Piedmont account. Locate the Workspace application on the start bar.

        Chromebook start menu with Citrix Workspace icon
      2. You will be prompted to sign in. Sign in using your Central Piedmont credentials. 
        Cloud login screen
      3. The Central Piedmont Cloud homepage will open, displaying any desktops or applications that you have marked as a favorite. 
        Cloud screen with app favorited
    • Android

      Use the following instructions to help you download, install, setup, and use your Central Piedmont Cloud virtual environment. The following screenshots were taken on a Google Pixel 3 running Android 9.0 (Pie). Your device may not match the screenshots, but the steps remain the same.

      1. Login to the Google Play Store. Search for and install the "Citrix Workspace." 

        Install Citrix Workspace
      2. Once the Workspace has installed, open the app. You will then be prompted to accept the access request to allow the app to properly function. The app will request access to:
        1. photos, media, and files on your device
        2. make and manage phone calls
        3. record audio
        4. the device's location 
          app requesting access to device
      3. After accepting the access requests, tap the "Get Started" button. 
        app get started screen
      4. Enter the Central Piedmont Cloud address ( and click Continue. 
        enter and click continue
      5. Enter your Central Piedmont username and password. 
        enter your credentials and click sign on
      6. Select the virtual desktop or application you want to use. The Workspace will begin to connect automatically. 
        Citrix Workspace home screen for Android
    • Apple iOS

      Use the following instructions to help you download, install, setup, and use your Central Piedmont Cloud virtual environment. These screenshots were taken on an iPad Air 2 running iOS v11.4.1. Your device may not match the screenshots, but the steps remain the same.

      1. Login to the Apple App Store. Search for and install the "Citrix Workspace."
      2. Launch the Citrix Workspace and select the “Get Started” button.
        Citrix Workspace get started
      3. Enter in the Address text box and select "Continue."
        enter and click continue
      4. Enter your Central Piedmont username and password and click "Sign In."
        enter your credentials and click sign in
      5. You can tap the plus sign to open a list of all the available virtual desktops and applications.
        click the view all apps/desktops links
        all apps and desktops in Workspace app
    • Web Browser

      Connecting to Central Piedmont Cloud using the Citrix Workspace may provide access to more advanced features as opposed to connecting to Central Piedmont Cloud using the web browser interface. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when working within the Central Piedmont Cloud Desktop-As-A-Service (DaaS), although other browsers can be used. It is strongly recommended to use the standalone Citrix Workspace application whenever possible.

      Central Piedmont Cloud DaaS functions differently than previous versions or other virtual environments you may have used in the past. By utilizing HTML5 web technology, we can now deliver the Central Piedmont Cloud to your web browser without the need to download any web browser extensions or add-ons. You will no longer be prompted to download any files to setup or begin your session.

      The following instructions were written using the Google Chrome web browser. All of the information on this page is consistent with any browser that you may be using, but the screenshots and download locations may differ depending on your current browser.

      1. Launch your internet browser and enter in the address bar. Enter your Central Piedmont username and password and select next. 

        Cloud login screen
      2. Your session will now start. By default you will see your Home page. To launch an application or virtual desktop, click its icon and the application or virtual desktop will open in a new browser tab. 
        Cloud home screen