Welding and Inspection

The James Turner Institute of Welding Technology at CPCC offers continuing education courses for adults and custom training for companies, including American Welding Society (AWS) certification testing and training in non-destructive examination (NDE) courses and visual testing.

AWS Testing Certification

Single Position Plate Test
Multiple Position Plate Test
Single Position Pipe Test

Skills Practice for Experienced Welders
Practice your welding skills for American Welding Society (AWS) testing, interview or work in our welding lab under the supervision of an experienced instructor. You must provide all personal protection equipment. Standard testing materials will be provided. Practice only; no classroom instruction.

Learn more about AWS testing at CPCC. Facilities located at the Harper Campus. Get directions to Harper Campus.

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Non-Destructive Examination (NDE)

NDE is a way of examining material without damaging it to find hidden indications of potential flaws. With aging bridges, roadways, power plants and other infrastructure, more job opportunities exist for those trained to perform inspections.

Introduction to NDE
Build a stronger Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) team by ensuring everyone has the same foundation. A knowledgeable team improves business processes, develops quality products and builds team morale. While designed with managers, supervisors, engineers, quality inspectors, procurement, source inspectors and technical personnel in mind, the course is suited for anyone.

NDE Visual Testing Level 1,2 Practicum
NDE Visual Testing Level 1, 2

Level 1 Ultrasonics Testing Method

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Learn more about the James Turner Institute of Welding Technology or contact the Program Chair by email or calling at 704.330.4429.

Group Training

The Corporate Learning Center will help customize training to fit your company's needs and work schedules. Call 704.330.4660 to learn more.