Faculty Coordinator Information

Faculty Coordinators

A Faculty Coordinator works directly with students who are interested in Co-op or enrolled in a Co-op class. This person is an instructor in the student’s program of study, and works collaboratively to support the student and employer during the Co-op. A Faculty Coordinator is appointed by their Division Director for a one-year term, and may be reappointed.

Responsibilities of a Faculty Coordinator include:

  • Determining if a student meets the program’s eligibility requirements for Co-op;
  • Approving the student’s Co-op Application;
  • Assisting students with finding employer worksites (when necessary);
  • Setting appropriate Measurable Learning Objectives(MLOs) for the student;
  • Conducting at least one (1) on-site visit with the student and employer before the semester ends;
  • Determining a grade for the student’s Co-op class, according to college policy;
  • Submitting related Co-op paperwork in a timely manner;
  • Promoting the benefits of Co-op to both students and potential employers;
  • Adhering to Section 20 guidelines for Cooperative Education;

Faculty Coordinators should contact their campus Co-op Coordinator for further clarification on Co-op policies and procedures.