North Carolina Back to Work Initiative.

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC)

North Carolina Back-To-Work

Welding Technology Program

Steven Gore, Program Chair

Harper Campus

704.330.4429 or

Gas Metal Arc Welding Certificate (Pending)

Required course Offerings:

Fall Semester 2012 (short-session classes)

October 15-December 11, 2012 

  • WLD 110/81 (Cutting Processes) 2 credit hours (Mon & Wed 6-10pm)
  • WLD 141/81 (Symbols and Specifications) aka Blueprint Reading for Welders, 3 credit hours (Tues & Thurs nights 6-10pm)


Spring Semester 2013 (fast-track semester Jan 10-May 10, 2013)

Tentative Schedule Mon-Fri 5:15-10:00pm

Note, all three of the below classes are in succession of each other starting with WLD 121/81

  • WLD 121/81 (Gas Metal Arc Welding( (GMAW) aka MIG welding (Plate) 4 credit hours,
  • WLD 122/81 GMAW/MIG plate/pipe, 3 credit hours
  • WLD 221/81 GMAW/MIG pipe, 3 credit hours