Web Publishers

Web Publishers are College faculty and/or staff that are responsible for creating and editing departmental websites across the CPCC family of sites.

The Web Services department supports Web Publishers with a combination of on-demand training materials, periodic open-lab workshops, and technical support via the ITS Helpdesk.

Site Login

Web Publishers can login to their website to make changes one of two ways:

  1. Open your browser, enter the web address for your website, and add '/login' to the end of the web address (e.g. to edit www.cpcc.edu/humanresources, enter www.cpcc.edu/humanresources/login) . Once you enter your username and password you will be logged in and redirected to your website.
  2. Drag the following link: 'Web Publisher Login' into the bookmarks toolbar area of your browser (a brief how-to video is available). You may click this link in your toolbar when viewing your website to login and begin editing