As we work with the Professional Development Team to build a comprehensive online training course, we felt it necessary to bring you our current training content as soon as possible. For now, you can ignore the threat of any quizzes, and just use these videos and resources to better your own understanding of our newly updated website editor.

These videos will likely be almost identical to the content we will provide through Professional Development, so by the time you eventually take the courses, you should be thoroughly familiar with our editor, the sound of my voice, and what it means to be an efficient and effective Web Publisher.

Part 1: Installing the Web Publisher Login Button

Part 2: Creating and Editing Web Pages

Part 3: Private and Public

Part 4: Creating, Editing, and Managing Folders

Thank you for choosing to update your knowledge of our website's editor, and for choosing to better yourself as a Web Publisher by watching these videos. We hope to have a Professional Development course on Basic Web Publishing Skills ready very soon.