Chapter 33 - Transfer of Entitlement


The Department of Defense (DoD) offers members of the Armed Forces to opportunity to transfer Chapter 33 benefits to their spouse or dependent children. If a member of the Armed Forces (Active Duty or Selected Reserve) serves six years and reenlists for 4 more years or has at least 10 years of service then Transfer of Entitlement (ToE) is possible.

While in the Armed Forces members use the ToE website to designate, modify, and revoke a ToE request. After leaving the Armed Forces members can provide a future effective date for use of ToE, modify the number of months transferred or revoke entitlement transferred by submitting a written request to VA.


Common Name:

Transfer of Post-9/11 GI-Bill Benefits to Dependents (TOE/TEB)

Eligibility Requirements:

The individual's spouse.
One or more of the individual’s children.
Any combination of spouse and child.
A family member must be enrolled in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS) and be eligible for benefits, at the time of transfer to receive transferred educational benefits.

Cutoff Dates: After separating from the Armed Forces individuals cannot designate new dependents to receive transferred entitlement or amend the effective date of the initial transfer of the entitlement to an earlier date.

Can use the benefit for up to 15 years after the service member’s last separation form active duty.
Dependent: Is not subject to the 15-year delimiting date, but may not use the benefit after reaching 26 years of age.

Tutorial Assistance: Yes

Chapter 33 benefits are paid based on the member of the Armed Forces percentage of eligibility rate.

Dependent Eligibility: n/a