TRIO Student Association

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the TRIO Student Association is to enhance and support academic services and promote cultural and social development for the CPCC TRIO participants.

TRIO Student Association Description:

The TRIO Student Association is an organization comprised of students who are enthusiastic and interested in representing the College as a club.  We look forward to improving cultural diversity within our association and the college as well as providing mentoring for other first-generation, and low-income students and students with disabilitiess to achieve academic success and gain valuable leadership skills.


(1) Any student enrolled in CPCC, who is a member of the TRIO-SSS program

(2) Any alumni of the TRIO-SSS program at CPCC

(3) TRIO-SSS Club does not discriminate in its membership based on race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, handicap, religion, nationality, or political preference.

Officers Meetings: TBA for fall 2015

Go to our online calendar for the most current schedule of TRIO Club activities and events.