Apply Now!

Step 1. Please CLICK HERE fill out the TRIO-SSS application.  When you are finished, click SUBMIT and check your CPCC email for confirmation that this application was submitted successfully. (It is important that you enter your exact CPCC email address in the application, i.e., Your User

Step 2. Provide a copy of one of the following documents.  You may drop it off at the TRIO Office, CH-117, FAX to 704.330.6790, or, you may attach  to an email and send to

  • Your FAFSA Award Letter or,
  • a copy of your current IRS 1040 (if you need to order a copy, call IRS -- 800.829.1040)
  • To print your award letter, log into  My College and look under the Financial Aid section and select Financial Aid award letter.

    Upon completion of your application and evaluation of your eligibility, a meeting with the TRIO program director will be scheduled with the program director..