Motorsports Programs and Classes



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The following courses are interdependent and designed to be completed in one semester. Upon successful completion, students are given a state endorsed certificate.

Students who want to complete an associate degree may take these four courses as technical electives for the Automotive Systems Technology associate degree.

RCT 110: Introduction to Racing – Online

This course if offered in partnership with NASCAR Hall of Fame.  Course work will use the Hall of Fame and the internet as resources.  Each student will receive a museum pass that covers the duration of the course so that students can use museum exhibits as a resource.  Topics include: safe working practices for the shop and race track environments, various types of racing, race vehicles, and organizations that sponsor events.

Regular College Credit: 2         Contact Hours: 2

RCT 121: Race Car MIG Welding

This course introduces safety, proper setup, and operation of the gas metal arc welding process, also known as MIG welding. Topics include safety, equipment setup and minor repair, and operation of MIG welding equipment. Upon completion, students should be able to make industry-acceptable welds on flat plate, round, and box tubing made of mild carbon steel.

Regular College Credit: 3        Contact Hours: 5

RCT 254: Racing Chassis Fab

This course covers racing chassis fabrication following either a professionally prepared blueprint or a personal design. Topics include cutting and fitting different types of tubing, and the proper use of specialized fabrication equipment necessary to build various race car components. Upon completion, students should be able to build a racing chassis with the correct geometric angles to racing industry standards.

Regular College Credit: 5            Contact Hours: 11

RCT 255: Racing Sheet Metal Fab

This course covers skills using various tools and equipment necessary to make interior and exterior sheet metal panels. Emphasis is placed on cutting, bending, and shaping sheet metal into the various parts necessary to build a race car. Upon completion, students should be able to fabricate, form, and fit various sheet metal components to racing industry standards.

Regular College Credit: 2              Contact Hours: 4.00

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If you are serious about breaking into the world of Motorsports as a career, CPCC Motorsports Institute is the track for you.  The Institute is a fast-paced high intensity program. The class size is limited so that each student gets one-on-one time with the instructor.

MSI 8100 Mig/Tig Welding

Learn both MIG (gas metal arc) and TIG (gas tungsten arc) welding techniques used by professionals in the motorsports workplace. Actual race car construction components will be utilized in both aluminum and steel.  Taught by industry experts.

MSI 8103A Finish Fabrication

Learn the art of metal fabrication, basic bracketry, panel development, mounting procedures and component construction used in today’s motorsports industry.

MSI 8106A Heavy Fabrication

Learn the process of tube bending, tube notching and construction skills pertaining to chassis construction. Advanced welding skills for both aluminum and steel will be covered.

MSI 8109A Motorsports Assembly

Learn the process of chassis and component assembly. Car set-up as well as electrical, drive train and plumbing will be taught using NASCAR type vehicles.

MSI 8112 Motorsports Body Hanging

Learn the technique of hanging sheet metal on racing applications. You will also receive an introduction to complex panel placement and safety procedures.

MSI 8115 Motorsports Paint and Body

Learn the process of prepping and painting race-related vehicles. Conventional and electrostatic paint applications will be covered as well as body wrap and graphic applications.

For more information on CPCC’s Motorsports Institute, please contact Laurie Walker at  704.330.4123 or