How "THE Geek Fest" Benefits CPCC

THE Geek Fest (Small Brain)THE Geek Fest is a highly fluid concept, adaptable to suit a variety of situations with ever-changing individuals and groups involvement, and with programs conducted in almost any variety of spaces (ex: multi-campus, classrooms, auditoriums, outdoors, convention centers, etc).

Building Bridges
THE Geek Fest’s celebration of innovation and technologies promotes collaborative partnerships that enhance our learning and learner-centered culture within our college and community. 

Supports the Learning College
THE Geek Fest supports CPCC's commitment to becoming a learning college which "places learning first and provides educational experiences for learners anyway, anyplace, anytime."

Reinforces the Core Competencies of a CPCC Graduate
Specifically, THE Geek Fest targets the "Information Technology and Quantitative Literacy" competencies expected of all CPCC graduates (more).

Provides Students with Opportunities for Critical Thinking
Through THE Geek Fest's direct involvement with CPCC programs, we are able to work with students and courses to offer innovative opportunities for collabration and involvement. Students are provided with situations requiring them to think using analysis, synthesis, evaluation, problem solving, judgment, and the creative process. This is further reflective of THE Geek Fest's commitment to graduate core competenceies (more).

Self Sustaining and Revenue Generating
THE Geek Fest is self supporting and seeks to generate additional contributions and funding sources for the college. Furthermore, THE Geek Fest serves as a catalyst for building relationships with innovative regional organizations.