About "THE Geek Fest" Event at CPCC

Introduction. THE Geek Festival (TGF) is an exciting and eclectic annual celebration of the “geek” in all of us; an event designed to educate, energize, and inspire the minds of our students and the community through highlighting the constant creative innovations in technology, media, and industry. It not only recognizes the imaginative efforts made by individuals and companies in their respective fields but also provides a venue through which we can explore the technologies that have become so integral in our everyday lives as well as those that are new and foreign. Geek is chic; not only that, it is everywhere.

Theme. THE Geek Fest seeks to laud the progressive enterprises of our college, our community, and our contributors. In addition to showcasing many of CPCC’s programs and resources, THE Geek Fest features pioneering regional and national businesses and their contributions to expanding the frontier in a variety of fields and industries that include communications, mobile development, entertainment, gaming, automotive technologies, information technologies, design, programming, and much, much more.

Event Goals. THE Geek Fest intends to provide a positive contribution to CPCC students as well as the community at large. In addition, THE Geek Fest promotes many CPCC initiatives alongside those of inventive organizations. This year we aim to build upon the success of previous years through expanding the exposure and benefits of TGF so it attracts and retains a larger public base and serves as a fundraising vehicle for the college. To accomplish this objective, we plan to:

  • Raise growth in contributions by external partners through a variety of capacities including event sponsorships, workshops, keynote speakers and career/job opportunities.
  • Foster further cooperation between students, faculty, staff, organizations, programs, classrooms, departments, divisions, campuses and industry.
  • Modernize our promotional and marketing efforts through the employment of high impact displays designed. This initiative is being funded by an Innovation Grant and manufactured through joint collaborations with faculty and students from various CPCC programs.
  • Escalate awareness of THE Geek Fest by effectively utilizing new electronic media outlets such as pod casts, video casts, internet advertising, and blogs.
  • Further develop internal partnerships and their contributions to the success of The Geek Fest.
  • Increase collaboration with partners: Futures Institute, Student Life, Instruction and Distance Learning.
  • Act as good stewards with new sources of funding provided via Innovation Grant .
  • Bring together diverse and disparate activities from divergent programs and divisions in a harmonious network of cooperation and self-help.
  • To highlight technology as a catalyst for sustainability.


Target Audience. The primary target audience for THE Geek Fest is college students and the campus community. We desire nothing more than to provide a quality exciting learning opportunity for our student body. There are approximately 10,000 of the 56,000+ CPCC students at the Levine campus.
CPCC Student Demographics Quick View
Students:  60,197
Age <21 = 10,129
Age 21-30 = 20,207
Age 31-40 = 13,433
Age 41-50 = 9,706
Age 51+ = 6,722
Gender female = 52.5%
Gender Male = 47.5%
Levine Campus Student Demographics Quick View
Students:  10,684
Age <21 = 2,363
Age 21-30 = 3,293
Age 31-40 = 2 ,027
Age 41-50 = 1,652
Age 51+ = 1,349
Gender female = 49.7%
Gender Male = 50.3%


* Based on 2007-2008 reporting. Additional targeted college and campus data may be available via request if needed.

In addition to the student contribution, there are also great numbers of college faculty, staff, and administrators who attend and contribute to the event as well. As influential members of the college community, they should certainly not be overlooked. In order to address the “geeky” needs of our faculty/staff, afternoon activities and training sessions are being held that specifically target this audience.

Attendance. Event attendance by participants in the general public as well as local communities and schools has increased dramatically. TGF will continue to embrace and enhance opportunities for community engagement as this initiative grows.
  • 2,500+ projected attendance in 2009
  • 3,000+ projected attendance in 2010
  • 3,500 projected attendance in 2011
  • 3,000+ projected attendance 2012