Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for the Testing Center 

Where is the Central Campus Testing Center?
- The Central Campus Testing Center is located in room 248 of the Central High Building at 1141 Elizabeth Ave. (corner of Elizabeth Ave. & Kings Dr.)
- Directions and a campus map may be downloaded from

Who is required to take the placement tests, and why are placement tests required?
- Effective May 1st, 2012, Assessment and Placement is required of all new curriculum students unless exempt by a waiver. The Accuplacer Placement Test assesses a student’s skills in English, Reading, and math and identifies which class or classes best fit the student’s skill level.  Assessment for both English and math is mandatory. However, you may qualify for a placement test waiver for one (or both) of these areas.  To see if you qualify for a waiver, please click here.

- Placement test scores help counselors and advisors determine if a student’s English, reading and math skills are ready for college-level courses. 
What placement test does CPCC administer?
- CPCC administers ACCUPLACER, an untimed Internet-based placement test developed by the College Board.
Do students who have passed an English or math course at another college still need to take the placement test?
- Students should check with a counselor to determine if they need to take the placement test if CPCC has received an official transcript from the previous college, and credit for an English or math course has been awarded.
- To speak with a counselor, contact counseling services at (704) 330-5013.
When are placement tests offered?
- Placement tests are administered by appointment by visiting  Since hours are subject to change, students should always check this site before visiting the Central Campus.
Can placement tests be taken in another town if it's too far to travel to a CPCC campus?
- ACCUPLACER may be taken anywhere in the world as long as Internet access is available and it's taken in a proctored environment that's conducive for testing.
- Please click here or call (704) 330-6886 to discuss specific arrangements. 
How can students prepare for ACCUPLACER? 
- Practice tests, review videos, and study guides are available online at  Click on "Placement Testing" to access the materials.
- "ACCUPLACER STUDY GUIDE" also may be keyed into an internet search engine for additional practice sites.
Can the placement test be retaken?
- Our retest policy can be found at  Select "Placement Testing" and select "Retest Policy."

May students bring children with them to the Testing Center?
- In order to maintain the integrity of the Testing Center, children are not permitted.

Does CPCC offer the ACT or SAT exam? - No, CPCC does not administer the ACT or SAT college entrance exam.

Where can I find information about College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams?
- Information about CLEP exams is available online at
How can faculty arrange for tests to be proctored in the Testing Center?
- Call (704) 330-6886, or visit the Central Campus Testing Center in the Central High Building, room 248. 
What are the Testing Center's hours?
- Hours are posted at

Where can area maps of CPCC campuses be found?
- Campus maps are available at
- Select the campus of your choice to view.
What are the parking arrangements for visitors to the Testing Center?
- Visitor parking on Central Campus is located in lots 30, 31, and 32. 
- A $3.00 fee is charged to exit the visitor lot.
- There is no charge for visitor parking at the other campuses.