NC Residency Requirements


All students are classified as either in-state or out-of-state upon entering the college. To view your current residency status at the Central Piedmont Community College, log in to the CPCC Login website with your userID and password then click on Residence Status.

View the Residency Brochure for additional information.

Students who wish to be classified as in-state residents for tuition purposes may be required to produce substantiating documentation on admission to the College or at the point of registration. Responsibility for proving status lies with the student.

VARIOUS PROOFS and combinations of documents may be reviewed as evidence of your status. No one item, nor a particular combination, will necessarily be the determining factor. The decision will be based on the weight of the evidence. Documentation should be presented at the time of admissions to the College or before the point of registration. Additional documentation may be requested by the college if it would be helpful to your case. You must bring several documents with original dates of 1 year and older.

  • N.C. driver’s license
  • N.C. voter registration card
  • N.C. vehicle registration
  • Other proofs such as lease, deed, utility bill*

NOTE: No single document or particular combination will necessarily be the determining factor. Simply living in or attending school in North Carolina does not, in itself, establish residence. The decision will be based on your eligibility to establish residence, your length of residence and the weight of the evidence you present.