Lateral Entry (Program Code: C55430)


Spring 2016 classes begin March 14, 2016

Our 4 Lateral Entry classes are reserved for teachers already in a Lateral Entry Program.

To be eligible to take any of the following Lateral Entry courses, you must have:

  • A Plan of Study to pursue licensure in a NC public or charter school from the Regional Alternative Licensing Center (RALC) or the Lateral Teacher Assistance Program (LTAP) in the CMS school system
  • A four-year degree from a regionally-accredited college or university.

These courses are not open to Early Childhood Education or Nursing Students

Information concerning the Regional Alternative Licensing Center can be found at this website: On the home page, click on “prospective teacher” on the left side of the menu. This will take you to a link where you will find the qualifications for working with the RALC. The Site Coordinator is Penny Powell to whom you should direct all questions concerning the RALC: or she can also be reached at 980-343-5406.

Praxis Exam information can be found at this website:

We run the same 4 online classes every semester:

EDU 163-L01 Classroom Management & Instruction
This course examines management and instructional techniques with school-age populations. Topics include classroom management and organization, teacher strategies, individual student differences and learning styles, and developmentally-appropriate classroom guidance techniques. Course all on-line. (Will not meet the Instructional Methods competency on your RALC plan).

EDU 243-L01 Learning Theory
This course provides an introduction to learning theory, various styles of learning, and motivational factors involved in the learning process. Emphasis will be placed on the development of cognitive skills using the seven types of intelligence and applying these to practical classroom situations. Course all on-line.

EDU 244-L01 – Human Growth and Development (middle grades and secondary learners)
This course introduces lateral entry teachers to theories and stages related to human growth and development, from birth through adolescence. Emphasis will be placed on the developmental stages of a child’s life in the areas of: physical, emotional, social, intellectual and moral development growth. Course all on-line.

EDU 271-L01 Educational  Technology
This course introduces the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning in all educational settings. Topics include technology concepts, instructional strategies, materials and adaptive technology for children with exceptionalities, facilitation of assessment/evaluation, and ethical issues surrounding the use of technology. Course all on-line.

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