Study Abroad Programs

Why Study Abroad?

Participants gain international experience, cultural sensitivity, foreign language skills, competitiveness in the job market, and a global perspective.  According to Michelle Obama - "Studying abroad isn't just an important part of a well-rounded educational experience. It's also becoming increasingly important for success in the modern global economy."  - January 19, 2011

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    The cost and length of each program vary depending on the country and program. Historically, the trips range in length from 8-30 days and costs range from $2,000-$3,900.
    New locations are added each year.

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    Time of Travel

    British Isles



    Costa Rica


    France & Italy


    Greece & Italy




    Literature in the British Isles (ENG)

    French in Canada (FRE)

    International Business in China (INT)

    Service Learning in Costa Rica (HUM - Stanley CC)

    A Taste of Paris (HUM)

    Art History in France & Italy (ART)

    German in Germany (GER)

    Culture and Religion in Greece & Italy (HUM)

    Warlords and Modern Media in Japan

    Spanish in Peru (SPA)

    Service Learning in Tanzania (INT)


    Summer Term


    Winter Break (Dec)